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Luigi Nono: Das Atmende Klarsein (1981); sofferte onde serene (1976); Con Luigi Dallapiccola (1979)

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Luigi Nono: Das Atmende Klarsein (1981); sofferte onde serene (1976); Con Luigi Dallapiccola (1979) album cover
Das Atmende Klarsein
....Sofferte Onde Serene...
Con Luigi Dallapiccola
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Total Tracks: 3   Total Length: 78:13

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[1] Das atmende Klarsein (1980/81), for small choir, bass flute, live electronics, and tape: Südfunk-Chor Stuttgart/Rupert Huber, chorus master/Eva Furrer, flute/Beat Furrer, conductor —— [2] … sofferte onde serene … (1976), for piano and tape: Markus Hinterhäuser, piano/André Richard, sound director —— [3] Con Luigi Dallapiccola (1979), for six percussionists, four pickups, three ring modulators, and three frequency generators: Niklas Brommare, Charly Fischer, Michael Kinn, Lukas Schiske, Robyn Schulkowsky, Björn Wilker, percussion/Robyn Schulkowsky, studies/Peter Böhm, sound engineer —— Recordings: August 25, 1993, Aula Academica, Salzburg (1&2), August 15, 1993, Kollegienkirche, Salzburg (3)

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1. Das atmende Klarsein (1980/81) (after poems by Rilke and 'ancient texts') for small choir. Südfunkchor Stuttgart, director Beat Furrer 2. Con Luigi Dallapiccola (1979) for 6 Percussionists and electronics - Percussion ensemble dir Robyn Schulkowsky 3. ...sofferte onde serene... (1976) for piano and tape. Markus Hinterhäuser Highly recommended - fascinating, uncomprimising, yearning music