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Almost Killed Me

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Almost Killed Me album cover
Positive Jam
The Swish
Barfruit Blues
Most People Are DJs
Certain Songs
Hostile, Mass.
Sketchy Metal
Sweet Payne
Killer Parties
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 42:48

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The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me


One of those albums you can to listen to from the first to last track without interruption or just great background music. Definitely my favorite album from Craig Finn. Timeless.

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In the don't quite get 'em camp


...perhaps because it demands too much of my attention trying to "get" the lyrics.

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Killer Album


One of the few albums I actually listen to from the first to the last track. Favorite song off this album is: Killer Parties.

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RE: Track 4


@42 Jimmy: "Most People Are DJs" is actually supposed to cut off in the middle--the MP3 wasn't defective. I think it's the band poking fun at their own classic rock stylings, dropping out in the middle of the guitar solo as if to say "OK, enough of that." One of the interesting side effects of the digital age, I guess ... unexpected sonic effects on a song can be misinterpreted as corruptions of the sound file. Great album, BTW.

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Missing track


I complained about this track in April last year because it cuts off before the actual end. After about three months and a number of emails they removed it from download availability. I just sent another mail asking what's happening, my first since July. Hopefully they can sort it out soon. Hey Guys!!! You reading this? How hard can it be?

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missing track


Not sure why track #4 is missing (licensing issue? whatever it is, it's annoying)... If you go to www.pulsetc.com/article.php?sid=963 you can download that missing track free and legal.

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missing song!


can we get that missing track already? I want to get this, but I want the whole thing.

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First Class


I'll keep this short and simple. It's even better than "Separation Sunday". Enough said

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It is on this record where we are introduced to the characters that are more fully fleshed out on Separation Sunday. While tracks like The Swish will immediatly stand out, it is important to listen to the album in its entirety. The character sketches which are set against some kind of strange amalgamation of AC/DC / Bruce Springsteen are pretty amazing. I reommend picking this up and then getting everything else in the Lifter Puller and Hold Steady catalog. These guys are doing some of the most amazing work out there today.

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The Swish!


The Hold Steady is not my usual cup of tea, but the few tracks that I've downloaded from e-music have more than piqued my interest. Since my practice is to download indiviual tracks rather than the full record, I highly recommend grabbing "The Swish" from this CD. The hard rocking backing track contains some addictive riffing, with some nice tempo changes, bringing to mind classic AC/DC. Craig Finn's distinctive vocals and lyrics intrigue and amuse. Simply put, "The Swish" immediately makes an impression and begs for repeated listening. Start here and proceed both forward, to their 2005 release, "Separation Sunday"; as well as backward, to Craig Finn's previous band, Lifter Puller, especially the acclaimed "Fiestas + Fiascos".

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“The ’80s almost killed me,” admits the Hold Steady’s Craig Finn on “Positive Jam,” one of ten rock & roll confessionals on the band’s debut. That sets the tone for the rest of Almost Killed Me, as Finn reveals a lifestyle that included a “skater phase,” a “raver phase,” and a “razor blade phase.” His lamentations are the appropriate voice for the band’s debut, which sets out to recapture the glory of classic American rock and early indie rock. With rugged guitar riffs and solos and Finn’s half-sung, scratchy voice, the Hold Steady mostly succeed, easily recalling the classic rock of early Bruce Springsteen or the sincerity of latter-day Hüsker Dü. When he’s not remembering the parties and acting like “a Twin Cities trash bin,” he reacts to the corruption of today’s youth. Finn may seem like a fish out of water at this point, but having survived a self-indulgent life, his lyrics, as well as the Hold Steady’s back-to-basics rock, are ironically welcoming. – Kenyon Hopkin

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