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Shine Through

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Shine Through album cover
Whole World
Long Time Coming
Are You Ready
Bailar - Scene 1
Nascimento (Birth) - Scene 2
Dance for Life
Patria Mia
Shine Through
Caged Bird Song
Want Me
One Inna
I'm Beautiful
Gente Ordinaria
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Total Tracks: 16   Total Length: 60:52

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Mixed, But Refreshing


I didn't download all of the songs because many didn't appeal to me, but the ones I did get are a nice refreshing change from the typical hip-hop/R&B because of his Panamanian influence/positive lyrics. In particular, I liked the upbeat lyrics in songs like Shine Through and I'm Beautiful because he doesn't resort to religious imagery but speaks to true human beauty and inspiration. I agree with the reviewer who said the first two songs set the bar so high that the other songs seemed a disappointment, but I thought there was still enough on this album to warrant 4 stars. I'm not sure if he's still in the music business, but I would love to see a follow-up album.

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chronique bokson.net


Force est de constater qu’au milieu de cette forêt musicale si dense et schizophrène, il est parfois difficile de se retrouver... Car il est vrai que les titres plus «latino» se révèlent vite ennuyeux et presque encombrants au regard du reste de l’album et des excellents morceaux qu’il renferme. Néanmoins, Aloe Blacc a le réel mérite de prendre des risques et de les assumer jusqu’au bout. Si vous connaissez l’exigence de Peanut Butter Wolf, fondateur de Stones Throw, vous vous doutez bien que rien n’est catégoriquement à jeter dans cet album, et que même les morceaux qui paraissent indigestes présentent un intérêt, à condition de se libérer des schémas musicaux classiques et des formats préétablis. Si Aloe Blacc a tout à gagner à faire mûrir son projet et sa créativité débordante, «Shine Through» reste un premier essai prometteur que les amateurs de Stones Throw auraient tort de ne pas chercher à découvrir... www.bokson.net

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bzoo bzoo bzaa bzaa


Listening to this in my car last night i remember why i love hip-hop, over all the bull shit there is out there an album like this can reaffirm your faith, even though this isn't strictly a hip hop album. it sounds fresh and cutting edge but familiar, and a wide range of musical styles are presented here.

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Aloe healed my wound!


Who said Aloe is only good for sunburns? This album cured my yearn. Classic!

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great album


great album - been dying for this to come out since hearing the stones throw pod cast 10/10

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ST & Aloe--finally!


This album is diverse with beats, rhythms, and plenty of soul. I've been waiting on this for a while, and it doesn't dissappoint! Congratulations to Stones Throw for another solid release, and respect to Aloe for his beautiful solo release!

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They Say All Music Guide

The most frustrating thing about Aloe Blacc’s debut solo album, Shine Through, is that it starts out with such amazing potential. Not a typical complaint, it’s true, but the opener, “Whole World,” with trip-hoppish beat blended with Blacc’s smooth voice and the necessary neo-soul references to musical heroes (Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald), is quite affecting, and it’s followed by an even better track, an adaptation of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” (titled “Long Time Coming” here) that sounds absolutely nothing like the original. Produced by Oh No, the song’s a haunting mix of layered harmonies, drums, and hollow chimes, taking a classic and giving it a real modern and darker sensibility without losing any of the power found in Cooke’s version. That’s why it’s so disappointing when Blacc slips into more generic sounding R&B. He’s a talented musician, that much is clear — he handles almost all of the production (labelmate Madlib takes the reigns on “One Inna,”) the instrumentation, and the vocals himself — and he proves this right away, and nothing on Shine Through is bad; it’s just not as good as it initially seemed it was going to be. But should an artist be faulted for setting expectations that might never be reached, by teasing listeners with brilliance and then backing down? It’s hard to say. Blacc still sounds great, there are a lot of good songs on Shine Through (“Busking” is another that comes to mind), and the production is superb and never predictable. He wears his Panamanian heritage proudly, and many of the tracks take a strong, if not explicit, Latin flavor (the two bonus tracks included are Palenque’s “Severa” and an excellent Spanish-language cover of John Legend’s “Ordinary People”). But he also shows himself to be human, especially lyrically, where he falls short more often than in other categories and doesn’t end up creating an album made up of 16 excellent songs. Indubitably this is putting a lot of pressure upon the young artist, but only because he’s hinted that he can handle it, that he can make something that really is that good. And he still might. Shine Through is only his first solo album, and so hopefully, by the time the next one comes out, he will have found a way to make it truly flawless. – Marisa Brown

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