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Radiodread album cover
Artist: Horace Andy, Easy Star All-Stars
Paranoid Android
Artist: Kirsty Rock, Easy Star All-Stars
Subterranean Homesick Alien
Artist: Jr Jazz, Easy Star All-Stars
Exit Music (For A Film)
Artist: Sugar Minott, Easy Star All-Stars
Let Down
Artist: Toots & The Maytals, Easy Star All-Stars
Karma Police
Artist: Citizen Cope, Easy Star All-Stars
Fitter Happier
Artist: Menny Moore, Easy Star All-Stars
Artist: Morgan Heritage, Easy Star All-Stars
Climbing Up The Walls
Artist: Tamar-Kali, Easy Star All-Stars
No Surprises
Artist: The Meditations, Easy Star All-Stars
Artist: Frankie Paul, Easy Star All-Stars
The Tourist
Artist: Israel Vibration - Skelly Vibe, Skelly Vibe, Easy Star All-Stars
Exit Music (Bonus Track)
An Airbag Saved My Dub (Bonus Track)
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Total Tracks: 14   Total Length: 65:16

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Sarah Tonen


Easy Star All-Stars, Radiodread
2006 | Label: Easy Star Records / The Orchard

Well, it was inevitable. After all, the Easy All-Stars 'previous album, Dub Side of the Moon, which, you guessed it, reinterpreted Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in dub reggae style, achieved a sort of subterranean ubiquity wherever college students sipped lattes and inhaled kind. In retrospect, it's hardly surprising Dub Side did so well: two great stoner traditions, as it turns out, went great together, with Roger Waters 'queries into the… read more »

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Best Easy Star Treatment Yet


If you like reggae and you like Radiohead, you probably have an open enough mind for this album. My first thought was, "Remember Dread Zepplin," but my fears were rapidly assuaged. This is simply good music. The interpretations are mostly outstanding, but it does bring a spot of humor to the original's grim atmosphere.

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Surprise! It's actually awesome!


I hate dub music. I WORSHIP Radiohead. I am skeptical of covers, no matter what. I scoffed at my friend when he demanded that I listen to this. And then my narrow mind expanded and my heart soared and I started grinning. This album is so great! Especially "Subterranean Homesick Alien," "Paranoid Android," and "Electioneering." Get it!

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Easily accessible Radiohead??


I must say I was skeptical when Easystar took on OK Computer. Their Dub Side of the Moon was near perfect, however, OK Computer was even something more of a MOOD piece. I was wonderfully surprised to find that this album did something for Radiohead for ME that most Radiohead albums cannot do - keep me entertained at any time of the day, no matter what my mood. As a matter of fact, this album has been known to even improve my feelings, taking this album from cerebral to comforting. UNUSUALLY FUN!

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Actually, here's your blasphemy: I like this better than the originals. Radiohead's musical and writing brilliance notwithstanding, the weak point for me was always Mr Yorke's whine of a voice. So this transposition was a natural, and it just clicks. These reversions and perversions deserve an appreciative audience.

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climbing up the walls


I first saw Tamar Kali at a festival in Newark, NJ. She tore the place apart! This cut on this album...Man! This track when it came on, I literally thought the ground was gonna open up and swallow us. It has a nice groove, rhythum,yada yada yada but every time I put this one on when people stop by, they all love it. Its good to meditate to, if ya know what I mean...

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it's okay...


I really liked Dubside of the Moon and definitely loved Radiohead's OK Computer so I figured I would give this album a shot. While they are all pretty good covers, in the end this album just made me want to listen to the original album with Thom Yorke and company. The dub versions of a lot of the tracks just don't translate for me like Dubside did.

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I like Karma Police


I like Citizen Cope, he kind of drones on at times, that's his style. But it's melodic and his ordinary guy music gives it a warmth that studio singers don't seem to have. Overall, this one of my current reggae favorites, these guys hit it right on, check the Dub side of the moon concert DVD out there, they're solid

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I expected this to fail, and it doesn't. I love reggae, and I love this Radiohead classic, so this tribute is a surprise. Well done. Low point for me is 'Karma Police' a beautiful tune that deserves a better singer than this guy. The rest is for the most part awesome, check Exit Music...

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I liked this better than the pink floyd effort - the music bizarrely seems to lend itself better to a reggae reworking - toots is the definite highlight, it manages to bring something life affirming to the song without losing any of the meaning of the song. Love it.

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so good it's uncanny


I like Radiohead well enough, not a huge fan or anything, but do regard OK Computer as a bit of a modern rock classic. This album is a fantastic take on it, and the lesser known acts are not overshadowed by the heavyweights like Horace Andy and Toots (though their contributions are my favourite - Let Down is the LP highlight). Fitter Happier sounds so much better here with the Jamaican accent! I recently went back and put on Radiohead's version and took it off again. It sounded like posh white boys doing a cover of a classic reggae album!

They Say All Music Guide

When a pair of New York-based musicians (Michael G. and Ticklah) calling themselves the Easy Star All-Stars came out in 2003 with Dub Side of the Moon, an all-reggae interpretation of Pink Floyd’s rock monster Dark Side of the Moon, there were no expectations among an audience and thus no reason for skepticism. The album’s reputation built steadily and the newly converted — thousands bought the album and talked it up to others — naturally wondered what would come next. After much deliberation, the All-Stars settled on Radiohead’s 1997 masterpiece OK Computer, an obvious choice in hindsight (some consider Radiohead a 21st century Floyd), as beloved in its own time (and, undoubtedly, for many years to come) as Dark Side was decades earlier. Still, months before its release, some die-hard Radiohead fans were condemning the idea of Radiodread — not to mention its campy title — how could anyone dare mess with perfection? It was assumed by some that the reggae musicians would turn this monumental work into a parody, or render its often complex structures and moods unlistenable at the least. Turns out they had nothing to fear: the Easy Star All-Stars not only treat OK Computer with the respect it merits, they successfully re-imagine it, creating a work of art that, while it may never earn the over-the-top critical plaudits enjoyed by the source material, should find favor with both Radiohead loyalists and roots reggae purists alike. It couldn’t have been easy, but the All-Stars make it sound so. Each tune is reconsidered on its own terms, with guest vocalists — among them reggae giants such as Horace Andy (opener “Airbag”), Morgan Heritage (“Electioneering”), Toots & the Maytals (a very upbeat “Let Down”) and Israel Vibration (album-closing “The Tourist”) — bringing a personal stamp to each tune. How each of these vocalists chooses to handle Thom Yorke’s keening, facile vocals is worth a study in itself — some virtually mimic him while others throw out the mold and come at the material from a completely outsider perspective. Ditto the arrangements: OK Computer’s tricky time shifts and layers of electronics and ambient sounds could, in lesser hands, add up to a complete muck-up, but instead Radiodread emerges as its own, quite satisfying entity. It may be sacrilege to even think so, but it’s possible that some listeners unable to warm up to Radiohead may even come to prefer this OK Computer from an alternative universe. – Jeff Tamarkin

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