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The Lemonheads

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The Lemonheads album cover
Black Gown
Become the Enemy
Let's Just Laugh
Rule of Three
No Backbone
Baby's Home
In Passing
Steve's Boy
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 35:00

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Ira Robbins


Ira Robbins co-founded Trouser Press magazine in 1974. (Think of it as a pre-Internet music blog). He was later pop music editor at Newsday and has written for

Evan Dando clears his 'head
Label: Vagrant Records

Having floated through an indie-rock dream career with minimal visible effort, singer-guitarist-bassist Evan Dando left the Lemonheads — already a group in name only for the slacker dreamboat — and dropped out completely for a few years, releasing only a pair of inconsequential solo albums in the decade after 1996's car button cloth. With a sinking personal reputation and no evidence of untapped creative resources, Dando looked headed down the no-future drain — yet… read more »

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Hands down


This is easily the best Lemonheads album to date. Whether you are new to the band or like 'Ray,' you will love this offering. Honestly, all of the boys from Mass have put out some good stuff on e-music. Check out Dino Jr. and Buffalo Tom as well. This one will grow on you though. It has not left my MP3 player since e-music released it. This is in my top 5 released on this site.

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Not the usual stuff


Not at all what I expected from a Lemonheads album. That's not a bad thing, just prepare yourself for a more alternative, less punk sounding album. There are some great songs on here. A couple of real dogs, but overall a great album. "Baby's Home" is a definate standout for me. As the song says, "It packs one helluva surprise." Definately worth downloading.

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My review.


Melodic and a bit edgy - just like the early to mid 90s stuff. Evan D. can turn a phrase as well as the next guy. Great stuff. Dowload it all....

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Fantastic Return!


I was always more of a casual Lemonheads fan, but from my perspective this album is every bit as good as their breakout "It's a Shame About Ray" and definitely kicks the pants off "Come On Feel..." Evan Dando sounds terrific, the songs are tight and brimming with energy, and the fact that J. Mascas appears on a few of these songs is total gravy for those of us who also love Dino Jr. :) Definitely worth owning.

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I like it - a lot


It's so good to hear Evan Dando back inn such fine form - what a great record. And, it's okay that it's so short - because it's so good.

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Give it some stars morons!


Ira's a dink. Fine. Get on with reviewing the album - It's unbelieveably good. If you're a true fan of the Lemonheads from Hate Your Friends to Ray(even of Evan's solo stuff - which was also damn good) you'll love this. Download it all now! It's less than 3 bucks fer christ's sakes!

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Too much piffle about the review, not enough stars. This is really good. Not as good as It's a Shame about Ray, but not a lot is is it? Still, it's really good.

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I miss the Lovey days...


It's great to hear Evan rocking a little more. Although he hasn't returned to his form of old, this is a great listen for Lemonheads fans. The sound is more mature and probably more suited to my music style as I've aged. Download this one! It flows from start to finish.

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a thought


Just about to download this out of a sense of nostalgia for past glory more than anything else. It just strikes me that in every review I've read of this lp there's a reference to Dando's "lost weekend"(s)- Is this not just lazy journalism. I recently read an interview with him, where he said a lot of the stuff that he did was blown out of all proportion. That's as maybe... You can't take away from his talents. Looking forward to hearing this record.

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He's baaaaack...


Dilettante songwriter Evan Dando crawls out from under a rock to deliver a surprisingly good set, ably assisted by former Descendants. Former Trouser Press editor Ira Robbins hits the nail on the head…. I’m not sure how other reviewers are misreading his comments on Stevenson’s song credits. Unfortunately, given Dando’s penchant for sabotaging his own career, and his oft displayed contempt for his audiences, getting excited about this record is like Charlie Brown getting excited about kicking the football.

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They Say All Music Guide

Many bands break up at the right time, or at least a little past it, but the Lemonheads’ disbandment seemed premature, particularly because it didn’t seem like they officially broke up; they just faded away. For Lemonheads leader Evan Dando, it was a surprisingly quick fall from glory — or at least from being a Sassy star and one of People’s Most Beautiful People, touted as the next big thing after Kurt Cobain, to being alt-rock’s most notorious also-ran. Not long after the group’s fourth album for Atlantic, 1996′s Car Button Cloth, he quietly pulled the plug on the group and slinked away from the spotlight, taking a long, long time to recharge. After seven years, he resurfaced with a sleepy but likeable solo debut called Baby I’m Bored in 2003, and that activity apparently lit a fire underneath Dando, since three years later he reunited the Lemonheads, releasing an eponymous album that fall. The album only confirms the suspicion that the group should never have broken up — unless that Dando needed the time to sober up and get refocused, since he certainly couldn’t have made a record as tight and direct as this in the mid-’90s. Lord knows he tried, but for as wonderful as much of 1993′sCome on Feel the Lemonheads and Car Button Cloth are, both are ragged and filled with aimless filler, two things thankfully missing from The Lemonheads. Like the 1992 power pop classic It’s a Shame About Ray, this is brief, lively, and tuneful, filled with two-to-three-minute songs that make their point and then get out of the way. If this isn’t as incandescent, joyful, and effervescent as It’s a Shame About Ray, that’s because this is the work of a different band, one that’s a bit older and not quite as exuberant, but one that nevertheless displays a renewed vigor and sense of purpose. And not only does the band sound excellent — whether they’re working as a trio or being goosed along by J Mascis, who provides typically excellent guitar on occasion here — but they have a good batch of songs here that add up to Dando’s most consistent album in years. They’re zippier and catchier than anything on Baby I’m Bored, and even if there aren’t any outright immediate classics along the lines of “If I Could Talk I’d Tell You,” song for song this builds into not only a strong comeback, but one of the group’s better records. The best thing that can be said about The Lemonheads is that it sounds like the album Dando and company should have released in 1995 — and that it sounds like they could turn another of these out soon and that it’d be every bit as good. Which is the right kind of return for a band that should never have gone away in the first place. – Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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