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Black Star

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Black Star album cover
Black Star
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Total Tracks: 1   Total Length: 5:21

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Captivating Song


This song is absolutely beautiful. I've never heard the Radiohead original, but this one is absolutely astounding. I agree with CAT-NYC-77... It's a song that won't let you go.

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Even More Beautiful as a Cover


This song was haunting enough to begin with. I credit both Thom Yorke and Gillian Welch/David Rawlings for making it a song that just won't let you go.

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Best in Show


To demonstrate my ignorance, I didn't realize this was a Radiohead cover. That said, I was at Bonaroo 07 where I believe this was recorded and caught Gillian and David as the first act on the first full day, and could have left right after as it was the highpoint for me. This cover, like so many of her songs,and her entire set that day,is/was breathtaking. I guess I need to listen to more Radiohead now.

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As Powerful as the Original


If not more. Gil's vocals drip with despair. I can't think of two singers outside of Gil herself and Thom Yorke who can capture the sadness of a song like this.

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The World Needs More Gillian Welch


Honestly, this is an incredible cover. Gillian Welch took a very familiar song, gave it new resonance, and made it something breath-taking.

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Best cover ever?


IMHO, this performance ranks among the best cover versions ever released. The original is wonderful, but Gillian Welch & David Rawlings' rendition practically makes Radiohead's sound like paint-by-numbers. This is as soulful as music gets. Just beware: may cause emotional upheaval.

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About those chord changes


For those wondering what's up with the chord changes in this song, here's my take as a songwriter, producer etc. They ROCK. Period. There's not a bum note in this entire tune... I feel like the whole thing unfolds effortlessly, and makes me want to write something half as cool. If I were the producer on the session, I'd say something like this: "That was unbelievable... Anyone for Italian?"

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Nice song. "As contrapuntaly perfect as the best works of Bach"? Hardly.

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Nice idea, shame about the chord changes


Being a fan of Welch and Rawlings, and Bends-era Radiohead, thought I would give this a try. I remember hearing terrible busker versions of this in the late 90's, so I had some reservations, but Laner (see below) sold it to me. Nice intro, and the mournful but melodic melody is perfect for Welch's voice, but what do they do to the chord changes in the verse? I'm not well enough versed in theory to describe what is going on, but something is badly, badly wrong, and it sticks out like a glitterball at a Joy Division gig. A missed opportunity.