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Roller EP

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Roller EP album cover
A Delicate Hang
A Little Death, A Little Rebirth
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Total Tracks: 3   Total Length: 15:18

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Amelia Raitt


Amelia Raitt is a former writer for the television program Mr. Belvedere and has been writing about pop music of all colors and stripes for eMusic since 2005. S...more »

The French Kicks, Roller EP
Label: Startime International / Vagrant

Think you've got the French Kicks pegged? Listen to the first ten seconds of their eMusic exclusive EP, Roller. A lazy drum machine? A Casio stolen from Lionel Richie's backseat? This isn't your Walkmen-aping hipster friends. This is lover's rock. If “Roller” is for getting down, “A Delicate Hang” is the post-coital daydream. Featuring gossamer guitar licks and the sort of endearing harmonies that only a confidently untrained vocalist can deliver, it would've fit snugly… read more »

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French Kicks out some chill grooves


First of all I just have to plug the Emusic toolbar. If you don't got it, download it. It's because of the 'Today's Free Download' button that I discovered these guys (the first track 'Roller' was offered as a free download). So this review is mainly about the 1st track, since I'm out of downloads this month, and I've only previewed the other 2. Roller is very reminisient of slick 80's synth sound, without the cheese factor. It's the kind of track you can chillout to (or set your own high class porno adventure to, if that's your thang. Hey, the cover art leads to all kinds of questions ;) ). I've only heard the first 30 seconds of 'A Delicate Hang' and 'A Little Death, A Little Rebirth', but it sounds like they keep the chilled vibe going even though these songs don't sound like they're as synth-based funky as 'Roller'. (c'mon Emusic, either give us 60 seconds or at least give us the hook, the fat riff or the dope-ass beat)

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i heard them play roller a few weeks ago and i thought i would have to wait forever to get it...a perfect christmas gift from the french kicks...

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