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New Believers

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New Believers album cover
Cherries In the Snow
Little Brother
Silver Lawyers
Los Cruzados
White Walls
Totally Free
You Got Me
My Type of Criminal
Magic Door
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 42:10

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Andy Battaglia


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Elk City, New Believers
2007 | Label: Friendly Fire Recordings / The Orchard

The members of Elk City have toiled somewhere in a nowhere-zone of indie-rock for about a decade now. They live in New York, play shows to a following that will show up if the set time isn't too late and just generally go about their business with lots invested but seemingly little expectation for dividends.

This wouldn't be worth noting if it didn't signal the unassuming quality at the core of Elk City — and how… read more »

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....if you don't listen to the lyrics


The vocals grabbed me and the melodies stuck in my head. After I burned it and started to pay attention, I had to turn it off because of the lyrics. Too bad.

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A Voice in my Head...


Elk City's latest seems specifically crafted to deliver this one simple message: "You made a mistake 14 years ago when you subjugated girl-led groups like Belly and The Breeders to the second tier of the all-important (to a 14 year old) grunge movement. Now eat it. And like it. And wallow in your misogynistic shame." At least, that's how I egocentrically interpret it.

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Totally Free


This is a GREAT album. Interesting yet unpretentious songwriting, stellar production and a genuinely fun vibe. My favourite track has to be "Totally Free" - start with this one and you'll soon be hooked on the rest.

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Very Pleasant


This group is a major find in my opinion. Their music is very nice having both a male and female singer. Even though it sometimes sounds amateurish to me, that only seems to add to it's charm. I highly recommend this if you are looking for some very pleasant music that doesn't sound like everything else!

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unexpected pleasure


I downloaded this on a whim, seeing the disc hit top of the day's charts, and spent most of the weekend listening to it. Lead track 'Cherries in the Snow' kicks things of smart and upbeat, but there are so many other magic moments here... and plenty of light and shade before things peter out a bit at the end. Still worth that fifth star though!

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Only downloaded Los Cruzados. Fairly straight pop - nice sound, pleasant. Not pushing any boundaries though.

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So Top Shelf !!!


If American Idol could find bands like this, all the wars in the world would cease and peace and love would rein. What you have here is experiment resulting life changing discovery. What's real is the fun, textured, soothing, bravado driven melodies in this fine package by Elk City. Best Emusic find of the Day!

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Unassuming what?


There's nothing wrong with not being all pimped out and if Renee & Ray aint been spat up and chewed out by the mainstream yet, well, enjoy their resplendent, unchewed veneer says I. This is the sort of album that's the work of artists who've just kept following their own drummer and been just enough in the spotlight to keep rolling. I'd rather be them, then, say, the Spin Doctors, another group of poor lads I've been with since their old NJ/NY days. Whatever, this is a great album, and Renee has the best sexy-mature rock voice since.... maybe since ever.

They Say All Music Guide

Elk City lost their guitarist/vocalist Peter Langland-Hassan soon after the release of their second record, Hold Tight the Ropes. It was a huge loss, but like any good band Elk City picked itself up, dusted itself off, and snagged a couple of shiny new bandmembers. Well, less along the lines of shiny and new and more along the lines of seasoned and time-tested, as in ex-Luna guitarist Sean Eden and ex-Lovelies bassist Barbara Endes. Things haven’t been quite the same in Elk City since they came along. For instance, vocalist Renee LoBue, who stepped into the forefront once Langland-Hassan was out of the picture, reveals herself to sound a heck of a lot like a cross between Chrissie Hynde and Patti Smith. The band has dropped the Neil Young-ish twang that characterized their first two albums — they sound tougher, savvier, more glam, not only drawing from Smith and the Pretenders but Kate Bush, David Bowie, and even Iggy Pop. And, with the exception of a few missteps, they sound better than ever. LoBue has come into her own on this album — the cloying indie wispiness that characterized her earlier work (both in Elk City and Melting Hopefuls) has been stripped away, revealing pure muscle. She sounds practically warrior-like on the stompy, tart-sweet first track, “Cherries in the Snow,” and manages to pull off a practically Bowie-esque croon on reflective tracks like “Silver Lawyers” and “Nighttime.” “Los Cruzados” might be the best track on the album — LoBue’s mournful, liquid vocals are haunting and exultant on the song’s refrain of “Hallelujah, hallelujah.” LoBue only runs into trouble when she lapses into the saccharine, stilted sing-songiness of the opening to “The Magic Door” — it sounds like an artifact of the band’s previous self, so it sounds somewhat flatfooted standing next to the rest of the tracks. If fans can move past soggy moments like this, not to mention get past the fact that Elk City no longer sounds like a Crazy Horse revival band, they’ll find a lot to believe in on this release. – Margaret Reges

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