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Hey, Mr. Spaceman

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Hey, Mr. Spaceman album cover
Heck, I'd Go!
Artist: Maria Muldaur
Artist: Dennis Scott
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 5:11

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They Say All Music Guide

Hey, Mr. Spaceman is a children’s album that adults can enjoy as well, including collectors who will be surprised to find a couple of bona fide rarities. The theme is space age retro, but the songs cover a wide chronology, from the early ’50s all the way up to 2003, the compilation’s year of release. The recordings encompass hits and obscurities licensed from many different labels, from Sheb Wooley’s chart-topping “The Purple People Eater” and Billy Lee Riley’s rockabilly classic “Flyin’ Saucers Rock & Roll” to the B-52′s’ “Planet Claire” and Dennis Scott’s new recording of the instrumental “Telstar.” Where else is one likely to find Jimmy Durante’s forgotten novelty “We’re Going UFO’ing” and Ella Fitzgerald’s “Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer,” officially licensed from the original master tapes? Because few children will find it intrinsically interesting to hear Ella Fitzgerald sing about UFOs, most of them will focus on the melodies and the content of the lyrics rather than the parade of alternately hip and camp artists. The space age nostalgia angle, too, will be entirely lost on youngsters, but space-obsessed kids may get a kick out of the humor and themes. Educational opportunities abound as parents explain to their wee ones what Telstar was, or point out Billy Lee Riley’s grammatical error when he sings of “little green mens.” “Purple People Eater,” at least, is a proven winner with young listeners, but reactions toward the rest may vary. Hey, Mr. Spaceman is a rarity among children’s albums — one that may prove more popular with the adults than with the kids. – Greg Adams

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