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The Reminder

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The Reminder album cover
So Sorry
I Feel It All
My Moon My Man
The Park
The Water
Past In Present
The Limit To Your Love
Brandy Alexander
Honey Honey
How My Heart Behaves
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Total Tracks: 13   Total Length: 50:01

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Corey duBrowa


Feist, The Reminder
2007 | Label: Arts & Crafts / The Orchard

On principle alone, I tend to resist acts carried skyward by the brute force of Apple's starmaker machinery. By the time Jet's “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” the Caesars'”Jerk It Out” or Wolfmother's “Love Train” embedded themselves permanently in our collective cerebral cortex, the resentment and rot had set in, forever tainting the tune in question no matter its relative genius and/or adrenaline quotient. Thus it was that most of the great unwashed were… read more »

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This was, in my humble opinion, the most important album of 2007. As a whole this album stands alone. The Reminder combines indie rock to indie folk in a way that will be remembered for decades to come. I feel this album will join the ranks of other great Canadian female albums such as "Blue" by Joni Mitchel. I am excited to see the way this album is viewed and talked about thirty years from now.

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Ummmm... isn't refering to Feist as an "erstwhile Broken Social Scene member" kind of like refering to Roy Orbison as an "erstwhile Travelling Willburies member"? Just askin'.

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Not available in the US


It's frustrating, but don't blame emusic. 1234 was used in a US iTunes ad - which automatically means exclusive distribution rights for iTunes in the US, at least for a while. I'm sure emusic would LOVE to be able to distribute this album.

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well done


1234 is great - those who like this artist might like serena ryder as well

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Please Make this Available in Other Countries!


I love this album! I bought it just before Feist won big at the 2008 Juno awards (Canada's Music Awards)She won Single of the year, Album of the year and Pop album of the year as well as Artist of the year and Songwriter of the year. Five awards! Congratulations Feist! And emusic, please make this available in more countries, it's just too good to miss!

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en castellano


por qué razón no está disponible en mi país ?? me pasa con muchos discos, que en general me gustaría poder bajar. me dicen ? gracias pm

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en castellano


por qué razón no está disponible en mi país ?? me pasa con muchos discos, que en general me gustaría poder bajar. me dicen ? gracias pm

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If Only I Could Download It


emusic and their f*ct and convoluted 'we're sorry, but this album is unavailable for download in your country..., pure crap. how come it's mostly the albums that are good that i can't download in the U.S.A.?

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Holy cow...


I held off on buying this album because, based on some music videos and radio play, it seemed like no more than pleasant lightweight pop. Wow...big mistake. Feist shows off a surprising range of power and feeling on several tracks, notably The Limit To Your Love and The Park. The really sad thing about this album is that the best tracks will likely never be popular, or heard by anybody who isn't already a fan. I'm reminded a lot of Joni Mitchell by this album, back in the day when she was just starting to move beyond light pop into something deeper and more sophisticated. It will be very, very interesting to see if Feist does the same thing...

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Newest and Best


So happy to see that you got her newest cd. Not a bad song on the entire list. What a great artist and too long between releases.

They Say All Music Guide

When Leslie Feist released her breakthrough album Let It Die, she became an indie icon almost instantly. Her pretty, sometimes melancholic love songs, her clear campfire voice, her vaguely jazz- and disco-influenced arrangements (highlighted no better than with her cover of the Bee Gees’ “Inside and Out”), and her association with darlings Broken Social Scene wooed critics and music fans alike. Her follow-up, The Reminder, will serve as proof that Feist’s success was no fluke, as the album contains more of the same sweet, introspective lyrics and chords that float around love and longing (or lack thereof) like cottonwood seeds in late spring. Because that’s what The Reminder, like Let It Die, really is: a collection of warm, lazy music made for those summer afternoons that creep into evening before you realize it. Feist’s voice cleanly emotive as she sings lines like “There’s a limit to your love/Like a waterfall in slow motion” (from “The Limit to Your Love”), “Piecemeal can break your home in half/A love is not complete with only heat” (from “Intuition”), or “Put your weight against the door/Kick drum on the basement floor” (from the upbeat “I Feel It All”), crooning confidently but with a weakness, a fragility that comes out during the most sentimental lines. But this can also be a drawback. At times, she borders on a kind of sappiness that seems better suited to Top 40 Matrix-produced pop songs than hipster-blog accolades. “We don’t need to fight and cry/We, we could hold each other tight tonight,” she breathes in the otherwise lovely “So Sorry,” whose puerile rhymes are fortunately held up by the track’s breezy sophistication. The same cannot be said however for “Brandy Alexander,” which is too syrupy for its own sake (much like the drink on which it’s based), with its repeated phrase “He’s my Brandy Alexander” (juxtaposed with “I’m his Brandy Alexander”) and “Goes down easy,” as Motown-esque harmonies jump in to emphasize that last word. Why Feist, who displays her lyrical skills in tracks like “The Water,” “My Moon My Man,” and her reinterpretation of Nina Simone’s “See-Line Woman” (incorrectly identified as “Sea Lion Woman”), “Sealion,” believes it necessary to include such saccharine lines is confusing, and hints at the suspicion that while she undoubtedly enjoyed herself during the making The Reminder, she wasn’t really challenging herself with the process. She follows the same path she took with Let It Die — which, being as strong as it was, is certainly not the worst decision she could’ve made — and does it well, which means that the album does end up a consistently good listen. But it also means that it’s not much of a departure from what she’s shown before. Who knows, Feist may be able to go on charming us by doing the same thing for eternity, but there may also come a point when we want something more, and it’s still unclear if she’ll be able to deliver it. – Marisa Brown

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