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Transatlantic KK

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Transatlantic KK album cover
Complexity Reducer
Metropolitan Death 3
No Name
As Time Breaks Off
Apocalypse Night Fight
Apocalypse Ghetto Blast
As Time Breaks Off (The Requesters RX)
As Time Breaks Off (D.A.R.Y.L. RMX)
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 49:26

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Amelia Raitt


Amelia Raitt is a former writer for the television program Mr. Belvedere and has been writing about pop music of all colors and stripes for eMusic since 2005. S...more »

Delorean, Transatlantic KK
2007 | Label: Simple Social Graces Discos / The Orchard

If you're lamenting the apparent dissolution of indie dance-punk favorites Out Hud, look no further than Delorean for a fix of that very particular brand of reverb-laden electronic pop. But while the arpeggiator is left running for the duration and you'll hear more dub bubbles than your average Jamaican playground, there are moments when the group breaks free. On "Apocalypse Ghetto Blast" they invite Lady O. to inaugurate what they're calling "breakhop" and "Apocalypse… read more »

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super shiny dance pop


great stuff. file under "perfect pop".

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One of my faves from last year


Totally works for upbeat parties... sorta dancable too.

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Mmmm...Spanish Disco Rock


A unique refreshing album...the guitar effects are nearly flawless every time, and the synths float perfectly over the other instruments. The drums (whether electronic or acoustic) are nice and tight throughout the album. The rock-solid basslines glue it all together. As for the individual songs, "No Name" and "As Time Breaks Off" are my two favorites. It gets a little tiring to listen to the whole thing in one sitting, but every song is a pleasant surprise when I shuffle my library.

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Worth it ;)


I accidentally hit the 'download all' button instead of the 'listen to all' button, and am glad I did. Delorean sounds a little like a lot of other electronic bands but manage to keep enough of themselves in the mix to make this album seem fresh. I'm excited to see these guys move away from their influences and am hoping that the next album (fingers crossed) will be the bomb. Also, the lead singers voice is one of the best things about the band. Totally unexpected....he sounds like the singer from the Peechees!

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Dance, New Waver, Dance!


Do you like dance-punk disco beats that jam the rhythm so far up your ass you simply HAVE to dance to shake it loose before it causes a duodenal blockage? Do you like shimmery, oldskool New Wave guitars a la A Flock of Seagulls and/or Duran Duran? How 'bout bass echoey, spacey synths that puff upon your tympani like clouds of liquid nitrogen? And chick vocals a la Debbie Harry? Yes? Then you want this album. Period. This truly retro-futuristic dance music perfect for cruising around in your modified, time-bending Delorean...just before you top up your Mr. Fusion before throwing it into gear, because I personally guarantee you that "Transatlantic KK" will make you want to drive that bastard FAST.

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new to delorean


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