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Wheels In Motion (Digital Only Bonus Track)

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Wheels In Motion (Digital Only Bonus Track) album cover
Days To Come
Wheels In Motion
Morning Lights
Until It's Clear
In Real Time
Whatever Happened
Get It Back
Two Rights
Here and Gone
Another Last Time
Within You, WIthout You/ Love You To
Sunday Morning (Digital Only)
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 53:40

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Shadow Of His Former Self


Crazy Rhythms by The Feelies is one of the greatest albums of all time. The follow ups were fine but the returns diminished pretty sharply. I was excited to see this hear and gave it a very real chance but he just seems on autopilot. The songs go by in a fairly pleasant manner and then they're gone. Not compelled to keep listening. Just as nothing The Strokes have done after Is This It? (either as a band or solo projects) has lived up to that amazing debut, Mercer is haunted by his explosive early success.

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And finally...


A great return from one of the best bands ever to come out of New Jersey. This is probably the closest to a real Feelies album that we will ever see, besides the reissues of course. A welcome addition to any collection.

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What more could you ask for..?


Maybe another Feelies record, but this album is not very far off from the great Feelies records.... Gets better with every listen. Surprised there was not more buzz about this record....

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Don't Forget Wake Ooloo


Great to see Glenn is back. I've been waiting for this since the last Wake Ooloo album all of which are currently available here on emusic. Check em out.

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he reigns again


is it the mid eighties again, are we in Philip Dick reality? I'm getting that same feeli-es/ng, like I want to move, I want to get my sax, it's movin'nice an' easy, Glenn Mercer style. God bless him for giving us another taste of his great talent, in music as well as with lyrics, always deep and to the point.

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How great is this?


In essence, a brand new Feelies album! Wonder where Mr. million is these days?

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You've been waithing for this


It's not the Feelies, but it is as good as in its own way. Great comeback. Couldn't be happier with it.

eMusic Features


The History of the Feelies: Playing Fast, Taking It Slow

By Douglas Wolk, Contributor

Glenn Mercer and Bill Million put together the band they called the Feelies in the mid-'70s. They were singer/guitarists who'd both started out as bassists, so they thought about everything in terms of rhythm. Their songs were frantically speedy, streamlined and hyperpercussive. They were nerds, and very proud of it. They were not particularly connected to any extant rock scene. They came from the little town of Haledon, New Jersey, and were proud of that,… more »

They Say All Music Guide

Wheels in Motion is the long-awaited solo album from former Feelies frontman Glenn Mercer. He has been quiet in recent years since disbanding Wake Ooloo, the group he led following the Feelies’ demise in the early ’90s. Wheels in Motion will sound agreeably familiar to the fans of those nerd-punk heroes. In fact, the album overall feels structured something like a Feelies tune. It starts subtly with the gentle, strummy opening number “Days to Come,” but the tempo gradually builds with the succeeding tracks. On the second song, the title track, Mercer displays his distinctive guitar playing, balancing more guitar strumming with some dipping-and-soaring electric guitar work. His buzzy guitar playing gets showcased more prominently on the subsequent tracks: the bright, almost bouncy “Morning Light” and the darker “Into the Clear.” The disc peaks with the magnificent “Whatever Happens.” This tune, with its jagged, noisy guitars and Anton Fier’s fierce drumming, most closely captures the classic Feelies’ sound. The rest of the album’s pace maintains this ebb and flow of strumming acoustic guitars and edgier electric guitars. “Two Rights” is a second half standout with its jangly, near-poppy sound. The disc concludes with a wonderful melding of two George Harrison songs: “Within You, Without You” and “Love You To” (a not surprising cover choice considering that the Feelies recorded several Beatles tunes during their lifetime). Mercer doesn’t appear to be avoiding his past; he enlisted a handful of former Feelies colleagues (bassist Brenda Sauter-Barnes and drummers Fier, Stanley Demeski, Vinny DeNunzio, and Dave Weckerman) to back him up here. However, he doesn’t attempt to fully re-create the Feelies sound. Mercer no longer is the “boy with perpetual nervousness.” As he has matured as a musician, he has toned down his old band’s “crazy rhythms” to create a sound that’s more subdued but by no means mellow. While his solo outing may lack the Feelies’ quirky dynamism or Wake Ooloo’s garagey rock, there is shimmery fluidity to his music that makes it compelling in its own right. – Michael Berick

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