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Descension album cover
Descent 1
Descent 2
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 29:13

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an untimely end


this is great. soaring, majestic, hallucinatory, but still raw. problem is, the second track cuts out a full 14 seconds before it should, which may not be much and may even be intentional, but is rather abrupt and just doesn't feel right. should i jump in and accuse emusic of yet another poorly executed rip. why not? chances are i'm right

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A new direction?


I'm somewhat familiar with the Yellow Swans - I bought their initial release from Narnack Records and liked it enough - very chaotic and white. This new album however is a different direction it seems: a much more mellow, calm direction, that still manages to build up to a good level of noise. It sounds as though all the motorcars and air conditioners and noisy refrigerator's got together to mimic a siren's voice.