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The Last Little Life EP

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The Last Little Life EP album cover
Last Romantic Day
Little Bit Of You In Everything
Life Without A Brain
Sweetness and Tenderness
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 17:21

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The Rentals, The Last Little Life EP
Label: Boompa Records

After an ill-fated attempt at a solo career, The Last Little Life EP sees Matt Sharp finally returning to the quirky and comfortable indiepop environs of the Rentals. Things remain relative unchanged, despite the eight-year layoff: synths bubble up underneath gently strummed acoustic guitars, while Sharp and Rachel Haden harmonize sweetly. The feeling of nostalgia is furthered by the inclusion of an extended version of Return of the Rentals'closing track, “Sweetness and Tenderness” that sounds… read more »

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Go to Daytrotter and download- for free- a live version of this EP that is a million times better. Seriously, the energy of their Daytrotter recording stands up to their best. And it's free!

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Straight to the brain's pleasure center


"Little Bit of You in Everything" is the perfect pop song. Love the boy-girl harmonies.

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Back in the Moog


I'm looking forward to the album. As for the ep. Excellent work! Both Rentals albums are classics for their own reasons, and I even like Matt's solo album for those hot lethargic days, but it's great to have the Moog back. Somwhere in between return and seven more minutes, all the tracks are worth downloading, but I can see the point about Sweetness and Tenderness.

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A Sharp Comeback


It's good to hear that Matt Sharp has come to his senses and realized that his brief solo career (AKA his attempt at transforming himself into James Iha circa 1998's LET IT COME DOWN period) was not working out. Besides Imperial Teen, =w=eezer (their first two albums), Nerf Herder, and maybe Fountains of Wayne, no other band was as poppy and fun as The Rentals in their heyday. So, welcome back! I hope there is MUCH more to come in the near future. The three new songs here rival anything Sharp and the gang have produced in the past and they're a terrific addition to The Rentals' relatively small catalog. But as the previous reviewer stated, I can also do without the new, bloated version of "Sweetness and Tenderness." What's that all about?

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a shame.


Since my original review had some sort of spastic timeout issue before publishing it, I will just say, this version of Sweetness and Tenderness is too much of both. I wanted to hear some new Rentals, as I loved the Return, but wasn't really feeling the samples of the previous three tracks. I figured S and T would be a no brainer, but it shows that maybe I should get myself checked. A standout track on the Return of the Rentals, here Sweetness and Tenderness is a swollen hackjob. Musically, it's not that bad. However, the singing and harmonies are atrocious and it's just over indulgent in "maturity". Why couldn't you just let a good thing be? If you want to go this route, call up Rivers, maybe he'll let you back into Weezer.

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Coming a full eight years after the release of Seven More Minutes, the Rentals’ The Last Little Life EP is a wonderfully pleasant surprise. Nowhere as jokey as the debut or as glossy as Seven More, the disc is low-key, understatedly sweet and melancholy with just the right mix of studio polish and simplicity. As on the first two records, Matt Sharp has a knack for writing hooks that sound familiar yet exactly right; every song sounds like a lost hit of ’90s alt rock radio. He’s still not the world’s greatest singer (which made his solo releases sometimes tough to get through) but has the sense to surround himself with some lovely female singers (Lauren Chipman, Rachel Haden and Sara Radle this time out) who engage in heavenly harmonies throughout. The arrangements help, too, with the lush strings, burbling synths and swooping trombones boosting the simple melodies and giving the EP a real emotional kick, especially on the closing ballad “Sweetness and Tenderness” (which is a new version of a track from Return of the Rentals.) You may not have missed the Rentals too much while they were gone, but if they keep releasing records this good, you’ll sure be glad they’re back. – Tim Sendra

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