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Places Like This

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Places Like This album cover
Red Turned White
Heart It Races
Hold Music
Feather In A Baseball Cap
Like It Or Not
Lazy (Lazy)
Nothing's Wrong
Same Old Innocence
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 31:35

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Lindsey Thomas


Lindsey Thomas began writing about music as a snarky columnist for her high school newspaper. She has since become slightly less snarky, and has worked as an ed...more »

Architecture In Helsinki, Places Like This
Label: Polyvinyl Records

Architecture in Helsinki went for a different mood on their third studio album, and you can hear it from the moment Cameron Bird starts spitting lyrics (rather than singing them in his usual sweet, wavering falsetto) on the cowbell-driven banger "Red Turned White." The Australian twee-poppers have grown a little less adorable, but they're also a lot more fun.

2005's In Case We Die theatrically wandered, like an epic saga performed on a children's stage.… read more »

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Noises off!


I have to be in the right mood for this one -- goofy, willing to tolerate some truly *righteous* wailing, and (this is crucial) listening to headphones because my boyfriend absolutely loathes this album -- and he's not too keen on the Architects anyway. (To the point that he resents their name -- he's an architect and did research in Helsinki....) Fortunately the three conditions come together pretty frequently in my life.

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Awesome Fun


If you are a fan of previous Architecture in Helsinki work, you'll probably hate this album. They are still experimental and offbeat, but now they are ready to party. This album is a few years only, but I only discovered it recently. I highly recommend it.

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Great fun


Okay, first watch the videos because they are great... they make some great fun music even better. The male singer's voice, at first, was tough to get used to... but now I really like how he stands out from any other singer so don't let that put you off... you'll get over it!

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Don't miss this beauty


They sound like a cross between los Campesinos, Of Montreal, and the Danielson Family. Wonderfully crafted songs that never bore you.

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Pure Dance Punk


Nothing more than pure dance punk bliss. If you're a hipster, or you claim to be, then you need this album. To compare this with anything other than the B-52's being mutated after being exposed to the green stuff that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were exposed to (I know, totally rad eh?) Check them out, I asure that one song will get stuck in your head, my song is Debbie.

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Great energetic late '80s sound


You are right about them sounding like the Waitresses and Talking Heads ... at least up to the time that David Byrne still had a sense of humour and his head hadn't expanded to twice its normal size

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Anotther great recording by this amazing band.


Places Like this has a bit of a harder edge then the previous two releases, In Case We Die and Fingers Crossed, but is equally fine. 10 great tracks! my favs are Like it or Not, Debbie and Heart it Races. What a great unique band. I recomend the whole catalog

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nearing perfection


100% enjoyment. Perfect driving music.

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Fun, fun, fun


love it. Tons of fun on the album, even more fun live. I always catch myself saying they are like the talking heads and then stopping because, c'mon who can be like the talking heads. but, what can i tell you? they are like the talking heads.

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quirky pop


Hold Music is a great song. R.I.Y.L. The Waitresses, Talking Heads, Modest Mouse