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Total Tracks: 1   Total Length: 20:25

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Michael Azerrad


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Tim Hecker, Norberg
2007 | Label: Room40 / The Orchard

There's a rattle and hum, sometimes a hiss verging on a roar, throughout Hecker's abstract electronic mini-epic "Norberg." That noise is awfully familiar — it's there in the ever-present urban whoosh of cars and planes and trains; in the 60 Hz buzz that pervades the industrialized world; in the hypnotic spatter of a summer cloudbreak on hot pavement; and, more metaphorically, in the psychic static and haze that blur thoughts, perceptions and especially memories.… read more »

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Background music, but that's it


This electronica opus is fine for background music, but dedicated listeners will quickly grow bored. Lacking any developments or crescendos, it merely drones on.

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Released in Room40′s collection of short albums packaged in CD shells, Norberg features the final 20 minutes of a set performed by Tim Hecker inside a mine shaft in Norberg, Sweden, on the 30th of July 2005. A quick fade-in leads us straight into “The Drone,” a typical Hecker texture spread all across the stereo spectrum. An introductory vibraphone theme gives the impression that the proceedings will remain quiet and pretty, but soon the vibes disappear and the vibe of the mine shaft takes over. Oppressive swashes of gritty noise and rumbling bass tones control an otherwise peaceful, almost new-agey piece. The music turns into a tug-of-war between light and darkness, as quiet chords and sonic grit battle for dominance, disembodied radio voices seeping in through them. Norberg is nothing new for Hecker — some might even find it predictable — but there is no denying the mastery and craftsmanship going into it. That, and how befitting it must have been for this unlikely venue. Not an essential item, but surely not a dud either. – François Couture

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