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Oxygène album cover
Oxygène, Pt. I
Oxygène, Pt. II
Oxygène, Pt. III
Oxygène, Pt. IV
Oxygène, Pt. V
Oxygène, Pt. VI
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 39:39

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Johnny Black


This French synth wiz was quite possibly the most revolutionary popular musician of his time.
1976 | Label: Disques Dreyfus / Idol Distribution

It's often forgotten that at the height of the mid-'70s punk media frenzy, the artists who sold records in significant quantities were not punks. Mainstream rockers like Fleetwood Mac and flat-out popsters like Debbie Boone ruled the roost. And right up alongside them was Jean Michel Jarre — arguably the most revolutionary popular musician of that period.

The son of revered film score composer Maurice Jarre (Dr. Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia), Jean Michel was a French… read more »

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Guilty Pleasures


You can never really be critical about your early crushes so I won't try. As a teenager living in Northern England you were either a punk or a rocker at school in the seventies so this guilty pleasure nestled behind the Motorhead, Sabbath and Frank Marino albums (with Supertramp's Breakfast in America for company) whenever friends came round. For me, the melody and rhythm appealed more than the nurdling electronica of some contemporaries (that's you Tangerine Dream btw.....) - and it does still sound fresh - but then I can't really trust my younger self... I also love 'Just One More Night' by Yellow Dog. Now THAT'S a track that should be released digitally...

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Impressionable Teen


in Germany during the late '70s, an older classmate played this for me and my jaw dropped "What is that we're listening to?"

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Pioneering. Seminal.


Decades ahead of its time, this is one of the seminal works of modern electronica.

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Wrong Jean


The previous poster is confusing Jean Jacques Burnel (Stranglers) with Jean Michel Jarre.

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This album is one of many that sparked my love for the synthesizer music back in the 70's. I agree with one of the other reviews that JMJ has declined over the years, but now and then some great piece pops up, but they still can't hold the candle to this one. But on another note: there are so many albums i can't download either because i live in the Netherlands. That's a nuisance but i don't complain: part of life

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Well, I guess that if you don't know this music you've been living on Mars for the last 30 years... Great stuff, it makes one sad that Jean-Michel Jarre's talent has been steadily declining over the same period... A definite download, this is part of music history, an immortal masterpiece

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I Can NOT Download


Besides perpetual war, another problem living in the USA is that I can NOT download. All that after reading the reviews and getting turned on to Track 2 and Track 4. Tears! www.blackholeconcepts.com

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Track 2


Track 2 was used in the film Gallippoli starring Mel Gibson

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A Classic of the Genre


Not much else to say really - this was (and remains) one of the defining albums of the electronic age. Part IV will doubtless be very familiar to U.K residents of a certain age as the theme tune for the 80's T.V show 'Where There's Life'. Highly recommended.

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Decent instrumental electronic music


Classic electronic music from the 70's. Everything was done using a large range of keyboards so there's no drums or guitars. It's nothing amazing but you could do a lot worse when it comes to instrumental music. I like it but I would perhaps recommend not downloading all of it. Track 4 is the single you might know from the radio, not track 2 as another reviewer said.

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Jean Michel Jarre, son of film composer Maurice Jarre, is one of the true pioneers of electronic music. Oxygene is one of the original e-music albums. It has withstood the test of time and the evolution of digital electronica. Jarre’s compositional style and his rhythmic instincts were his strong points in 1976. While his popularity has escalated exponentially over the years, he never quite achieved the quality of this amazing recording. The innocence and freshness provide most of its charm. Jarre’s techniques and ability provide the rest. This epic CD will appeal to fans of Tonto’s Expanding HeadBand, Tangerine Dream, Synergy, Kraftwerk, and Klaus Schulze. – Jim Brenholts

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