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Colorloss Record

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Colorloss Record album cover
Late Night
Girl From New York
My Clown
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 19:00

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Excellent background noise...


for reading, thinking, napping, whatever. I am not a fan of descriptors like "blissed out" or "shoegaze," but it does fit here. I get the snarky comments about the fuzzed-out, tape loopishness of it all, but it just works here, if you like early electronic music, like Tangerine Dream's Phaedra. I just want to lay on a hillside and watch the clouds morph...is this nightmare music? Not for me, it's heady, dandelion wine music, thick like honey.

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Not as Powerful For Me


While this record clearly shows Belong opening up their sound and becoming more evolved song writers I prefer the loudness and power of October Language over the more shoegazery tones found here. Nonetheless, this is still WELL worth four measly credits so download it and see for yourself.

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Am I the only one that heard this and instantly thought, "My Bloody Valentine"? This is beautiful, experimental, atmospheric, and approaches the concepts of clarity and space in curious angles. I too prefer October Language, particularly the last track on that one. However this is an interesting set of songs which feels a bit too short. You'd rather it went on for a while in this vein; perhaps developed it a bit further---it feels like an idea that was never given a chance to fully breathe.

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trying to one-up Straintest's review...


Imagine you are a bacterium that has unwittingly been left behind on the green slate chalkboard by the old teacher on the Thursday of his last week before retirement, and as you lay there nearing a peaceful death, you hear a beautiful sound which you think might be the throating mother-call of your Maker calling you home, but alas, to the distracted students in the room, it is merely the last long drag of his chalk across the board.

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the best thing ever !!!!


this is the most beautiful recording ever committed to tape. i listen to it all the time & never get tired of it... not for everyone as my friends will tell you... this is it for me. AMAZING !!!!!

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More interesting and individual


I like this better than October Language, too. It's more interesting and seems he developed his individual voice a lot more.

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Great textured ambient/drone


I was introduced to Belong when I saw them open for Mogwai a couple of years ago. I actually did not like them at all, and from about the 2nd song in, I couldn't wait for their set to be over. Because of this, I've avoided their full-lengths thus far. But I came across this EP, and I actually like it VERY much, and much more than the Languages LP. The Languages LP contains a lot of the overkill noise that turned me off from their live show. But the Colorloss Record is much more subtle, much more quiet and ambient... which I prefer. If Languages a little harsh for you, try this.. it's less abrasive, more chill.

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Not like their other stuff, at all.


If you like music that sounds nice, then do not buy this album. If you like the idea of music that recalls a disturbing, shoegaze themed nightmare, then be my guest.

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You get it or you don't


For all the 1 and 2 star reviews: E-music allows you to preview music before you download it so if ambient, blissed-out awesomeness isn't your bag stick to less interesting music. There's lots of it out there. Belong is fantastic gauzy goodness but a bit tough to dance to so you wankers who are complaining- stick to Vampire Weekend or MIA or whatever nonsense Pitchfork steers you toward. Have fun dancing to it at your next office party.

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Straddling the fine line between noise and melody, the fours songs on this hauntingly beautiful EP consist of music and vocals that fade in and out like distant sounds passing through light years of ether, fragments of song lost momentarily but then fading back in. Fans of William Basinski or Tim Hecker will probably enjoy this, though Belong's Colorloss Record is perhaps a bit more accessible with its shorter songs and foundation built on obscure pop songs.