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Keeper's album cover
Michael, The Lone Archer of the North Shore
The Shaded Forests
Light Powered
The Goodman of the House
The Green Harbor
Wind Powered
The Floating Cradle
Leah’s Daughter the Giraffe
Open Up Ye Dark Gates!
Child of Man, Son of God
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 38:51

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Wondering Sound

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Deastro, Keeper's
Label: eMusic Selects

The 22-year-old Randolph Chabot is Deastro, a one-man machine synthesizing Death Cab for Cutie, M83, LCD Soundsystem and other future-rock practitioners into a glitzy world overflowing with regret. Keeper's 'ten songs are culled from demos and home recordings Chabot pieced together in his parents 'basement, a land decidedly far from the dance floors and neon-lit city streets of his music, a place where his bald yearning and incredible talents find no boundaries, a place… read more »

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like the music, but ...


... is this the worst record cover ever? Definitely in the top 20.

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How can something so hyper...


feel so chill? And yet there's something so calming about it. There's stuff that's still a bit immature, yes, but he's got an awful lot of interesting ideas and I'm glad to be along for the ride.

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Headphone Music


I finally "got" this album when I listened to it on a good pair of headphones. It did not translate well without them. I was with a lot of confused folks who just didn't understand the hype on this release. Try it again with a decent set of eargear and it might encourage a change in your otherwise tepid feelings.

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Beautiful, uplifting, and unexpected


This is a very strange one, and totally unexpected. I downloaded this on a whim, and as the first track started up ("Michael"), I thought "Maybe not". The opening chords and rhythm were simplistic, and similar to things I've heard a million times before. But then further layers kicked in, and all of a sudden I was 14 again, walking back from a girl's house on a clear frosty night some time in the 80's. It really shouldn't work. The individual musical elements aren't complicated, half the time you have no idea what he's singing, and the production is very odd - it sounds like it was recorded in someone's garage. But it does work. The simplicity and production go towards making something beautiful. There is an honesty, an openness, and a yearning that comes through in the music that is refreshing in these days of over-produced mass-produced rubbish written by teams of writers that seem to litter our airwaves these days.

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Stunning, idiosyncratic. Such a developed world view and aesthetic in such a young musician. A beautiful and sublime world of fantasy and dreams.

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don't get it?


I read all the reviews and got a few tracks but still don't understand the hype..

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sublime pop melody :)


firstly.. this is NOT an emusic exclusive as they would have you believe - you can purchase the disk/LP and download from Ghostly and probably from other sources too... okay, that's out of the way... this is a an amazing album.. emotive, uplifting, lovely pop hooks.. a gem indeed

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Full bodied, yet soft.


Deep violet in color. The aromatics are sensual and fresh, Dried Cherry and plum with a touch on mint in the background. Powerful palate.

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I love this album. It almost reminds me of a more chiptune based Radio Dept. Lots of blips and beeps washed over with distortion. The Green Harbot and Floating Cradle are two standouts for me. I am really excited to see what comes next!

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I don't get it


It's like video game music from "The Legend of Zelda." One of the best albums of 2008? My goodness...

eMusic Features


eMusic Selects: Deastro

By Todd Burns, Contributor

No offense to eMusic's previous Selects artists, but I get the sense that the only one of the bunch that could become a genuine pop star is one Randolph Chabot. Under the name Deastro, Chabot writes the sort of pop songs that make you swoon - and then wraps them in a hyper-colored gloss of synthesizer sturm und drang. M83 is a reference point for Keeper's, his eMusic Selects release, but it's not quite accurate:… more »