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The Daydream/The Disconnect

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The Daydream/The Disconnect album cover
The Daydream
The Disconnect
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 10:22

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If you like Tycho...


.... especially the Daydream track, then try out albums by Helios. Especially Eingya and Caesura, those two albums are my biggest personal successes on emusic and I am pumped about using my first fresh tracks next month on download all of Tycho's stuff. Love it.

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The Daydream


I have started people on the song "The Daydream", and they tend to proceed to develop a desire to listen for more. See this song live, hear the bass turned up a ton, and travel to another decade with some JCPenny 1970's Cataloguesque visuals.

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huge talent


Scott Hansen, who writes the music for Tycho, is incredibly talented. His music takes electronic to the next level by adding a distinct style and emotion that makes it stand out in the sea of electronica. The guy is also an excellent graphic designer and makes all his own album covers, including this one.

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An incredible duo of tracks! Highly recommended, especially when accompanied by a summer day or a viewing of iso50 artwork

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good vibe tracks


I recently stumbled upon Tycho's music through last.fm. I'm glad I did. So far, pretty much everything I've heard is an enjoyable listen.

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Boards Of Canada-ish


You can definitely see Tycho's influence on the it's sleeves. Turquoise, K Hole melodies,Trippy Vocal Snippets. Reeks of late 90's IDM trip hop excursions. This is an offspring of Boards Of Canada. A bit of nibbling going on...but others have done it as well(e.g. Freescha and ISAN). I don't think that this is completely a bad thing ...but Tycho should really consider a different aesthetic if it doesn't want to be pigeonholed as a BOC clone.

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