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One/Three album cover
The Lish
We've Got Commodity
With A Professional
I'm Missing You
How Many Times [With This]
Truffle No Shuffle
Hyped-Up Plus Tax
Smoking The Edge
So Scientific
Hot Mating Ritual
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 35:27

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Michael Azerrad


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Dabrye, One/Three
2004 | Label: Ghostly International / The Orchard

Glitch is the art of exquisitely manicured accidents; it sounds fantastic between your ears, but how cool would it be if you could dance to it? While Dabrye's 2001 debut album isn't strictly glitch, it does have one foot in its abstract, frosty-grey tones, and the other foot in '80s electro — and both of them are electric boogie-ing to Remain in Light-era Talking Heads. Dabrye is one of the many guises of Michigander … read more »

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This music is pretty harmless, although it is just good enough to keep me interested. Will investigate Dabrye's other stuff.

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A favorite


Perfect, and maybe I am taking this stance because it comprised many nights of my freshman year of college, for a crisp and slightly damp night. No beat or melody is out of place here: everything is deliberate, fashioned with a nod toward restraint and extraordinary evocation of affect. Sure, that sounds vague or even nonsensical, but One/Three imparts swells of affect; it gives me a strong sense of being here. I can't say much to the white funk and 80s electro that some reviewers hear, but I can say that I have yet to not be immensely satisfied with a run through One/Three.

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Crisp and cool


This is cool stuff. Almost like a gangster sitting on a porch watching a snowstorm. Beautiful, smooth, but still hard-hitting in its own way. One/Three might be a bit of a risk for some of the fans of Dabrye's hip hop stuff, but it will please even more. Classic instrumentals that will make you wish you could spend a day with Tadd Mullinx's brain in your head.

They Say All Music Guide

One/Three, the first Dabrye release from Tadd Mullinix, is white funk lodged in a glacier. Clippity-clap-clack beats, inspired in part by Jay Dee, and deceptively melodic bonk-zaps form the groundwork of the set, a perfectly digestible LP at 10 tracks and 35 minutes that forms an ideal bridge between the abstract hip-hop of Mo’ Wax and the shivery busted funk of early Kompakt. Unlike a common gaffe of the Mo’ Wax stable, Dabrye gains inspiration — rather than outright grave-robbing nostalgia — from hip-hop production. You might hear a swift nod to something familiar, as in the latter half of the closing “Hot Mating Ritual,” however there’s little to conjure images of unlaced Adidas and furry hats. Remember That Beat this isn’t; there’s a lot more imagination at play. And since none of these fully realized tracks exceed four minutes, no slick beat or hidden melody outlasts its welcome. It’s a short record not short on unpredictable ideas. “The Lish” would sound like a slow-motion Zapp remix if it weren’t for woozy wafts of saxophone. At the onset, “So Scientific” sounds like it could shoot into 2-step and winds up wrenching out a Teutonic melody, flapjacking it on its back. The aforementioned “Hot Mating Ritual,” like a handful of tracks scattered throughout, has a summery ’80s R&B vibe, belying the innate stiff chill mentioned above — the deep “ah-woo”s aren’t to be missed either, just one example of the record’s good humor. Lacking a dull moment, one hopes One/Three won’t go the way of Urban Tribe’s LP (the product of a flirtation between Detroit and Mo’ Wax) as a sorely unrecognized gem. – Andy Kellman

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