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Oochie Coo

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Oochie Coo album cover
Oochie Coo
My Zel
T-Y-O-C Painkillers (2 AM / FM RMX)
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Total Tracks: 3   Total Length: 21:13

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After The Dancing Box, several collaborations with labelmate Todd Osborn under the guises of Soundmurderer and Sk1 and TNT, and after several contributions on other labels and remixes, collaborations, and everything else, it’s time for Tadd Mullinix and his house persona, James T. Cotton, to get back to basics. This three-song acid house punisher opens with “Oochie Coo,” which is by far one of the best things Cotton has ever committed to record. A sexy Chicago tune in the vein of Lil’ Louis and some of Cajual’s finer moments. On the flipside is “My Zel,” a softer, slower break from the A-side (that could easily find its way into a Theo Parrish/Omar-S DJ set sometime soon), along with a remix of Cotton’s “T.Y.O.C” originally found on the Spectral Sound, Vol.1 anthology. Decidedly slower and with more of a focus on acid basslines, this remix is the byproduct of Mullinix’s collaboration with D’Marc Cantu under the alias 2AM/FM. – Rob Theakston

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