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Live At Newport

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Live At Newport album cover
Died In Love
Litany Against Fear
The Crawler
James Crow Jr., ESQ.
Rewind That
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 73:40

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Britt Robson


Britt Robson has written about jazz for Jazz Times, downbeat, the Washington Post and many other publications over the past 30 years. He currently writes regula...more »

Christian Scott, Live At Newport
2008 | Label: Concord Jazz

Three records into his career, and every disc Christian Scott makes is better than the last one. The improvements on Live At Newport are fundamental: The ensemble is at once more cohesive and elastic, the solos more consistently inventive and the slow-motion intensity that has become Scott's trademark is invested with more emotion without any loss of control.

Unlike most concert recordings, most of these songs are new, and are, without exception, riveting. "Died In Love"… read more »

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The man can blast hard while showing restraint, opening and closing chords and progressions with his heart, vibing with some great musicians, especially the drummer. Easily my most-enjoyed jazz release from 2008. Check out from life to Litany against Fear, and when you're done, you'll feel more connected.

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Leaping forward


The best musician of his generation, in any genre, gets better. The comparisons to Miles are facile, and irrelevant -- c'mon man, WHICH Miles? It makes no sense. Of course it also makes no sense how someone this young can be getting so much deeper, so quickly. A live record with quite a few new tracks, as well as enriched updates of older ones, show him as a superlative bandleader as well as composer. Among the smallest handful of 2008 releases that will be remembered as great in 2088.

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Interview: Christian Scott

By Britt Robson, Contributor

Still in his mid 20s, Christian Scott has already taken his place in the distinguished lineage of great New Orleans jazz trumpeters that extends back to Louis Armstrong. Early last year Scott released his debut disc, the Grammy-nominated Rewind That. The record featured original compositions which mixed elements of rock, hip-hop and funk, but also included the traditional chestnut "So What." This year's follow-up, Anthem, was Scott's reaction to the ravages wrought to his native city… more »

They Say All Music Guide

Live at Newport finds trumpeter Christian Scott leading his ensemble through a performance at the JVC Jazz Festival in Newport, RI on August 9, 2008. Showcasing the same group that recorded Scott’s critically lauded 2007 sophomore album, Anthem, Live at Newport does feature Scott branching out on some new material. Just coming into his own as jazz musician, Scott is nonetheless a talented and deft improviser and his knack for creating brooding, emotionally engaged music brings to mind a mix of ’60s Miles Davis and the heady art rock of Radiohead. It doesn’t hurt that his backing ensemble includes such forward-thinking artists as pianist Aaron Parks and guitarist Matt Stevens, who imbue Scott’s compositions with an atmospheric and cerebral tension. While most of the music here leans toward the dramatic slow burn jazz of Scott’s Anthem, cuts such as the buoyant post-bop of “James Crow Jr., Esq.” and the angular “Rumor” do break up some of the heavy vibe. That said, part of Scott’s talent is his ability to sustain such epic drama throughout a whole album and in that sense, Live at Newport crackles with an earnest, youthful energy. [Included is a DVD of the performance.] – Matt Collar

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