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Target Heart

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Target Heart album cover
Target Heart
Blue Sunshine
Lonely Girl
Clean the Clock
Gone for Good
Hell or High Water
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 19:09

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Blue Giant, Target Heart
2008 | Label: eMusic Selects

For a country-rock outfit, Blue Giant boast a pretty serious indie pedigree. Their lineup includes Kevin and Anita Robinson, the songwriting duo behind Viva Voce, on guitar and vocals; Chris Funk (guitarist for the Decemberists) manning the pedal steel; Seth Lorinczi (of Circus Lupus, among others) handles the bass, organ and piano; Evan Railton of the Swords Project on drums; and guest vocals from Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker. Throw in … read more »

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Country Rock???


After reading the reviews, I was excited to hear these guys- but really disappointed in what I heard. Granted, I only got 30 seconds of each track, but to call this 'Country Rock' is like calling the Flying Burrito Bros. 'Classical'. WAY overrated!

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Great Album!


Not sure if I like this better than Viva Voce. Great songs, download the whole the thing and decide for yourself.

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Can't be down on it too much


I wouldn't call it a lazy outing, then again I'm not very educated a fan of the bands making up the EP. I have a couple of Decemberists records but thats about it. I have listened to this EP several times through and it hits me good. The elements work and create a very good album from 1 through 6. Pleasantly enjoyable.

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A bit overrated


This is a good album. Very solid. But not something out of the ordinary. I miss something that makes it stand out from the scores of similar albums. Worth the download though...

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Completely over-rated above


From the reviews above you'd think you were listening to an all time classic. I hear another lazy, "indie" take on alt=country without the vocal or songwriting chops to pull it off.

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Instant classic!


Thank you eMusic. This hasn't left rotation since downloading. Perfect songwriting and expertly done, 5 stars!

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New Band to Watch


Fantastic. Not a dud in the bunch. Download the whole thing. The songs are perfectly sequenced. Target Heart EP deserves to be heard in its entirety.

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Portland's Finest ?


Note to Self: Stay away from Portland.

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Some albums are really good and I'm not even sure why. This is one of those. It's catchy, it's rocks pretty hard... it's just fun to listen to.

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Very Impressive


The samples don't do this stunning EP much justice. I'm so glad I gave it a chance because the songs are tight and perfectly composed. I'm looking forward to hearing more of their stuff in the future.

eMusic Features


eMusic Selects: Blue Giant

By J. Edward Keyes, Editor-in-Chief

Blue Giant may be a new band, but its members are no novices. For the last decade, principal songwriters Kevin and Anita Robinson have been the driving force behind Portland guitar-pop band Viva Voce. Drummer Evan Railton used to play with Portland's Swords Project. Bassist Seth Lorinczi used to play with Circus Lupus and Golden Bears, and multi-instrumentalist Chris Funk is a longtime member of the Decemberists. What's novel here is the approach: forsaking their… more »