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La Commission Scolaire

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La Commission Scolaire album cover
I Live A Lot Of Places (shorter point a to point b version)
This Isn’t Even Close To Cheating (queen city version)
The Two Amelias (kitchen version)
Death By Ninja (A Love Song)
Home As A Romanticized Concept (Marshall Stacks La Da Da Da Remix)
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Total Tracks: 7   Total Length: 29:03

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Their own sound.


Love this music. They are their own sound. Death By Ninja is wonderful!! You have to listen to it.

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I Live a Lot of Places


What an unexpected surprise...and a good one :) very 1970s soCal folk feeling to me...with some Canuck thrown in. I wonder if they tour. Also reminds me of Sufjan.

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Ninja Love


There's not a track on this album I don't love, the lyrics are fun and the sound is smooth. I'd recommend it highly.

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It Grows...


This one took a little while to grow on me, but I have to say that it's fantastic. I think the reason it took awhile to grow is because someone wrote a review comparing this band to Fleet Foxes, who I enjoy. So while I was expecting that similar sound, I was presented with something different that reminds me more of Margot & the Nuclear So and So's. After listening to it more and more, I really enjoy it, so now I'm going to purchase their two-album set. This one's free, so get it while you can. One question though...is someone taking a shit at the beginning of track 3?

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Download NOW


This is why eMusic ROCKS. This Calgary band is up there with the Decemberists -- no, they're better -- for producing beautiful, melodic, slightly twisted folk pop with a dark, woodsy texture. The instrumentation is amazing and hard to describe -- gently picked guitar and mandolin, occasionally electric, joined here and there by fiddle, tuba, a pulsing drum machine -- all kinds of unexpected stuff popping up throughout, and it all works without seeming the least bit precious or overarranged. Gorgeous harmonies, too. All their albums are great, and in a better world they would already be a massive success. Download the free EP first, then get all the rest. This is hands down the best band I've discovered here since Frightened Rabbit. Thanks eMusic!!!

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Great EP


This is a terrific EP of beautifully arranged freak folk (that's as close as you're going to get) from this Calgary-based band. The fact that it's free makes 'em sound even better! Give it a download, you have nothing to lose but some storage space on your hard drive.

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free is good


hey this realysome pretty good stuff and it tides your urge to get music why you wait for your rollover to happen try death by ninja and i live in a lot of places great feeling

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This Is Why I'm in eMusic!


I'd never heard of this band before the free download of this, which I presume is an EP. What a great discovery! If you like Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, and the like, you'll love this download - it's really fine - what should I call it - freak folk, I guess. The arrangements are captivating and the close harmony is sublime. This made me seek out their new full-length, "Songbook". Check 'em out - what have you got to lose?

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