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Persona album cover
About Last Step And Scale
Lord, Am I Going Down?
Valla Torg Kraut
Oscillations And Tremolo
Ode To The Ode To The Street Hassle
Invitation To Love
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Total Tracks: 7   Total Length: 53:07

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Credits by the minute?


What is up with the new eMusic download credit model? Who decides how many creds per album? Does not seem straight-forward that a 7 cut album costs 12 credits. Does not seem tied to anything obvious as albums of equal length are matched 1 song to 1 credit. This is bogus and makes me less likely to take a chance on new stuff I haven't heard before.

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Headphone Commute Review


The gentle swells of lo-fi loops and and breathing atmospherics set the tone for Mokira's eighth full-length album. After previous releases on a roster of labels, a Stockholm-based Swedish sound sculptor, Andreas Tilliander returns to Type Records with Persona. Tilliander introduced us to his Mokira moniker with his debut, Cliphop, on Raster-Noton. His glitchy hip-hop sound has landed him on Mille Plateaux, where Tilliander continued to contribute towards the 'clicks & cuts' genre. But for Type, Tilliander has been stripping away the beats [butnottherhythmicstructure], and focusing more on ambient textures that let the music flow organically through analog and digitally processed layers. Full review only on headphonecommute.com

They Say All Music Guide

Saying that Mokira’s second full-length effort evidences a definite Spacemen 3 jones is an understatement — songtitles like “Lord, Am I Going Down?” and “Oscillations and Tremolo” are telling enough, but calling one “Ode to the Ode to Street Hassle” doesn’t so much tip a hat as kowtow, the familiar stately melody of the Lou Reed original seeming to arise from shrouded depths. But unlike any number of bands that have done their best to re-create the impact of the Rugby legends, Mokira (aka Andreas Tilliander) isn’t out for that so much as finding his own way to exultance in sound via washes of drones and warm tones. If anything opening number “About Last Step and Scale” more suggests the darkly beautiful ambience of early-’90s Aphex Twin or Seefeel’s drumless efforts than, say, Experimental Audio Research. Persona flows from that point forward as a unified piece where each song introduces new elements, such as the stuttering burbles on “Lord, Am I Going Down?” (Meanwhile, “Oscillations and Tremolo” perhaps appropriately proves to be the one full-on tribute to the work of Sonic Boom, the phased rise and fall over almost ten minutes of interwoven parts a glazed piece of electronic psychedelia.) The whole is quite entrancing; if there are now as many drone experimental releases in the world as there are labels big and small to release them, Mokira’s great strength lies in his ability to make those new changes per song work against letting Persona simply become background music in a Satie/Eno sense. – Ned Raggett

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