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Dawn Metropolis

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Dawn Metropolis album cover
Blackout City
3:24   $0.99
Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues
3:28   $0.99
Dawn Metropolis
2:57   $0.99
Danger Mountain
2:11   $0.99
2:40   $0.99
Tempest, Teamwork, Triumph (at Sea)
3:37   $0.99
7:51   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 7   Total Length: 26:08

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Me likey


I never heard of gameboy music before, but I like this shit.

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Strong, melodic, chippy!


I first heard Anamanaguchi on a Demo-Scene web radio station, and I thought that it was just another talented home-brew artist. I'm thrilled that they are commercial and are popularizing one of my favorite music genres. If you like them, check out Jake Kaufman and some of the commodore 64 artists here on Emusic, as well as Nectarine web radio! BOW BEFORE THE SQUARE WAVES!

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Awesome Super Infinite Duper +1


Literally tore my face apart. I don't have a face anymore which sucks because I use to have a pretty nice face.

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Best of '09 contender (seriously): 5/5


Unlike other chiptune artists, Anamanaguchi take notes from the very best of pop, rock, and punk. Dawn Metropolis is clearly a driven album. Their songs paint pictures in my mind, and I am forever indebted to them for writing such amazing music. Thank you, Anamanaguchi. P.S. Make sure to get their FREE debut EP from 8bitpeoples.com, and to watch the great corresponding videos to this album at dawnmetropolis.com

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I never thought I'd listen to NES music without playing a game. This stuff is insanely listenable and can hook just about anyone. You feel like singing even if there's nothing to sing. And it plays in your head forever.

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Epic Pop-Punk Piped Through An 8-Bit NES


Grab these tracks and support this band (they sell a vinyl copy of this record!) if you like two great tastes that taste great together: pop-punk songwriting with the best in 8-bit bleeps and bloops.

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