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A Door into the Dark (EP)

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A Door into the Dark (EP) album cover
A Door into the Dark
Like a Miracle
i am coming for my things
A Song for Arthur Russell
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 21:31

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Jayson Greene


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Victoire, A Door into the Dark (EP)
Label: eMusic Selects

Missy Mazzoli, the young composer who writes the music for the all-female modern classical ensemble Victoire, seems to have a private line on mute anxiety, on quietly nagging uncertainty, and on the four short pieces that comprise the Door Into the Dark EP, she taps it with effortlessness bordering on the uncanny. Her urgent, enigmatic songs feel like 3AM dispatches garbled by a bad connection, with only the occasional loaded phrase puncturing the static. The… read more »

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Great Little Piece, but...


...the hyper dynamic compression and clipping on track 4 mars the effort. Better mastering (or recording mixing if thats where things were distorted and over driven) would have made a difference on the last track and pushed my rating up to 4 stars.

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Missing Godspeed You Black Emperor - download this


If you liked the slow, strings-driven, sample-laden parts of Godspeed You Black Emperor, this is definitely worth a listen. It's nowhere near as dark, and it never reaches Godspeed's level of intensity, but the same sad, almost apocalyptic vibe runs through it.

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Loitering Within Tent


Stay awhile. Don't take the first sounds as gospel. This isn't a pretty painting of a lakeland scene, nor a reproduction of a 16th century map of the county in which you live ... This is two red lines, fingernailed across a dark canvas, something that needs your total attention and immersion; no aural wallpaper, this. These musicians are on the way to being very, very good. If you like to have to concentrate and work at understanding music. I do like doughnuts, don't get me wrong; but for dinner I need a variety of complex flavours and textures, which this little offering provides. More please, Victoire. When the time - and music -is right R.

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Just sampling this, it sounds alot like Rachel's who has an incredible catalog here on eMusic. If you like this, please give a listen to Rachel's, one of my all-time favorite instrumental bands.

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Excellent Little Gem


This EP is an excellent little gem for new music/indie-classical listeners particularly, and will be generally enjoyable to those who enjoy expanding their musical horizons and expectations. Victoire manages to summon these subtle sonic worlds that envelop you with textures cold and warm, soft and sharp. They take you on little journeys that only give you glimpses of strange and mysterious places, leaving you wanting more, but not sure what that more would be like, exactly. To call this music 'repetitive' is to not be thinking very much about music, period. While it may not have the complexity and bombast of a Beethoven symphony (which may make it 'infuriating' if this is what you expect), it is quite sumptuous in its delicate changes and fluctuations. There are always new folds of complexity to find in this music, which only gets more exciting and mysterious with repeated listenings.

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Not sure about this. Seems to be repetitive in places.May grow on me.

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Worth downloading


At first listen it does sound pretty repetitive, but it has underlying meaning that... how can I put it? This music both soothes the heart and ruffles the feathers. Each track is worth downloading, if only because it puts you in a state of mind to accept what you wouldn't normally accept and to question that which you trust most. Wouldn't appeal to everyone, but definitely reachable for some.

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maximum pretty boring


Sorry, hotdoorknobs; you set me up! I suppose genre distinctions shouldn't make a difference, but if I think of this as pop music it's merely boring; if i consider it "art music" (my preferred term to "classical" for newer stuff), then it's infuriating. There's no content here; just seemingly endless repitition of material that's not inherently all that interesting. Late edit: Here's the thing: I expect pop music to amuse me; this doesn't; fine, there's lots of pop I'm not into. When someone takes on the pretense of "art music" I expect it to provoke me in some way. It doesn't have to be novel, but it should be personal and it's just not there in this music.

eMusic Features


eMusic Selects: Victoire

By Jayson Greene, Senior Editor

Victoire are technically the first "classical" eMusic Selects artist, but part of what makes them so special is how thoroughly inadequate this tag feels in summing them up. The best artists defy categories, and the five young women who comprise Victoire — composer Missy Mazzoli, violinist Olivia De Prato, clarinetist Eileen Mack, keyboardist Lorna Krier and bassist Eleonore Oppenheim — have made a life's work of dodging classifications. Their roving musical lives all began in… more »