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Death Magic Doom

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Death Magic Doom album cover
If I Ever Die
Hammer Of Doom
The Bleeding Baroness
Demon Of The Deep
House Of 1000 Voices
Dead Angel
Clouds Of Dementia
My Funeral Dreams
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 47:30

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Another Classic


Candlemass have created another doom metal classic with this album. Vocalist Robert Lowe from Solitude Aeturnus does a great job. Check out more reviews for Death Magic Doom at Web of Metal: http://bit.ly/8NVin1

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They Say All Music Guide

Candlemass founder/bassist Leif Edling has been quoted as boasting that Death Magic Doom is “the best album we have recorded since Nightfall.” Edling definitely exaggerates; this 2009 release isn’t their best album since that 1987 classic. But Death Magic Doom is excellent nonetheless, and it could easily go down in history as one of the finest metal releases of 2009 — regardless of the absence of Messiah Marcolin. Some longtime Candlemass fans have a hard time believing that the influential doom metal band can excel without Marcolin on lead vocals, but truth be told, other lead singers have also served Candlemass well along the way (including Johan Längqvist in the beginning, Tomas Vikström in the early ’90s, and Björn Flodkvist in the late ’90s/early 2000s). And on Death Magic Doom, Robert Lowe (of Solitude Aeternus fame) has no problem rising to the occasion. A powerhouse of a singer, Lowe brings an appealing, somewhat Ronnie James Dio-ish quality to darkly melodic, Black Sabbath-influenced gems such as “Hammer of Doom,” “Clouds of Dementia,” “The Bleeding Baroness,” and “Demon of the Deep.” Lowe really goes that extra mile — and between the impressively consistent songwriting and Lowe’s inspired vocals, Death Magic Doom is clearly a winner. Nonetheless, some of Marcolin’s admirers will refuse to listen to this 47-minute CD because of his absence and will wish that his reunion with Candlemass had worked out; that is to be expected. But Lowe’s performances are nothing to complain about — and even though Death Magic Doom isn’t Candlemass’ best album in 22 years as Edling has claimed, it is nonetheless an exciting addition to their catalog. – Alex Henderson

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