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...And The Ever Expanding Universe

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...And The Ever Expanding Universe album cover
Bubble Reputation
Heavens To Purgatory
Vessels Of A Donor Look
The Old Forever New Things
All Of One Is the Other
Four Humours
Catharsis Boo
Don't Hold Back, Feel A Little Longer
No One Likes A Nihilist
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 39:23

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Wondering Sound

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Andrew Mueller


Andrew Mueller is a journalist, broadcaster and author. He has written three books: the music/travel anthology Rock & Hard Places, the gonzo history of the

The Most Serene Republic, ...And The Ever Expanding Universe
2009 | Label: Arts & Crafts / The Orchard

The Most Serene Republic are clearly determined to skirt all accusations that they lack ambition. Take just one of the tracks on this peculiar and marvelous album; "Heavens To Purgatory" clocks in at just two minutes and 39 seconds, yet it contains all of the following: an acoustic singer-songwriter's introduction, a clap-your-hands-and-sing-along interlude, two lead vocal parts, a delirious choral backing, an arrestingly understated guitar solo, and an all-too-rare deployment of the word "gadzooks" in… read more »

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Ugh, are you kidding?


This is terribly disappointing. Population changed how I gauged the quality of "indie" rock and this record is just a reminder that I can't change that gauge; Population was a once in a lifetime thing, not an indication of progression, I guess. Another very "Pitchfork" friendly record that's no better or worse than everything else praised-to-death on that site.

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This album is really boring!!! It doesnt come close to their two earlier efforts which are, i think, great records. You'll definitely get value for your over-priced downloads with Phages and Population, but not this lackluster endevour!!!

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Hard to get this genre right


Given how much I liked their previous effort ("Population"), it pains me to trash this one. But let's be honest, it doesn't compare. Population was such a breakthrough, and I knew when I heard it that MSR had done something special with a difficult genre. "Ever Expanding Universe" is an utter disappointment.

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A lot going on in this music


Music that can take the stress out of a busy day. Has some fusion jazz influences such as Pat Matheny Group.

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You gotta have goals...


The band name and the album title modestly describes what they attempt with this recording, and amazingly they often come very close to this target. Now, come with me..I am wandering out in the desert, gazing at the night sky...I am playing the album, and yes, yes, I think I can feel the universe expanding. Can you feel it?

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trippy and lite


the kind of trippy and lite indie pop for a beautiful day.

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Beautiful and bad-ass


This album/band is going places..

They Say All Music Guide

Toronto is a city that seems to spawn pop groups unafraid to aim for a grand and distinctive vision, and one such band, the Most Serene Republic, has been raising its sights a bit higher with each successive trip to the recording studio. The group’s fourth album, …And the Ever Expanding Universe, feels too modest to be called epochal, but its sweep and ambition are broad enough that no other word feels quite apt. While the band features seven musicians, with help from producer Dave Newfeld, the Most Serene Republic sound like some sort of 21st century chamber orchestra on these sessions, particularly on the extended instrumental “Patternicity,” and though they haven’t abandoned the usual trappings of contemporary pop (cue up the lovely “Vessels of a Donor Look” for evidence), the rich tonal colors and imaginative vocal arrangements that run through most tracks are the work of a band that’s moved past guitar/bass/drums/maybe a keyboard in favor of a more challenging vision. …And the Ever Expanding Universe is tuneful, and the sweetness of the harmonies that dot many of the songs is engaging, but the swing between the breathy voices and cruelly distorted instruments on “Phi” is the work of a group not content to simply sound pretty, and the layers of instruments that interact within a selection like “Catharsis Boo” show that fun and challenging are not concepts that cancel each other out. And there’s a graceful balance in the arrangements and performances that keeps this music joyous and full of wonder whether it aims for simplicity or a baroque level of detail. …And the Ever Expanding Universe is a small wonder that easily confirms the Most Serene Republic’s status as one of the most impressive acts on a Toronto pop scene that is already producing a bounty of exciting music. – Mark Deming

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