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Angel Falls

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Angel Falls album cover
Camera Lucida
Love Never Dies a Natural Death
Red Moon Rising
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 15:19

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It's Guthrie, yo.


Exactly what you'd expect. Accept no imitations.

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Floating clouds of chiming guitars


Robin Guthrie has one of the most distinctive guitar sounds around. Drenched in reverb and delays, his guitar creates a sonic world that's big, expansive and dreamy, stretching up to the heavens and far into the distance. "Angel Falls", is not a big departure from his previous solo works. The four songs are all based on simple guitar phrases or motifs that are repeated over and over at a languid pace. The overdubbed guitars create vaporous floating clouds of sound but they are grounded by percussion and, especially, a satisfyingly solid bass. The climax of the set is when the bass kicks in well into the second half of track 3, "Red Moon Rising", changing the dynamics of the song and propelling it toward its conclusion. Check out full review at: http://tigon.typepad.com

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