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Ignore The Ignorant

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Ignore The Ignorant album cover
We Were Aborted
Cheat On Me
We Share The Same Skies
City Of Bugs
Hari Kari
Last Year's Snow
Emasculate Me
Ignore The Ignorant
Save Your Secrets
Victim Of Mass Production
Stick To Yr Guns
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 47:51

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Chris Roberts


The Cribs, Ignore The Ignorant
2009 | Label: Wichita Recordings / Republic Of Music

The Jarman brothers are no strangers to name producers. They paired with Bobby Conn, Edwyn Collins and Alex Kapranos on their three previous records, each of whom built their reputations on spiking studio panache with idiosyncratic pop sensibilities. For their fourth offering, the solidly reliable Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) helmed — in Los Angeles — and the celebrity associate sprinkling the stardust this time is one Johnny Marr, the guitar hero to… read more »

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U want the dog?


I'll let him out; Come and get some baby! Not as good as their last, but this one is growing on me despite the rather big production.

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Progression from Yorkshire's Finest


I really enjoyed the Cribs previous 3 outings, in particular their last album. On initial listening here, it's clear they've made further progress on this album. However, I must say that some of the material lacks originality, with clear influence from The Cure, The Editors etc and in 'We Were Aborted' just plain theft, the guitar hook is a total rip off of The Afghan Whigs 'My Enemy' from their 'Black Love' album. Good album and well worth downloading

They Say All Music Guide

The Cribs stretch their lineup and music on Ignore the Ignorant, adding Johnny Marr as their fourth member and adopting a more polished sound. This isn’t a coincidence — Marr’s stint with Modest Mouse also saw that group tighten its playing and production on We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. His influence, along with producer Nick Launay’s, is felt immediately on the dark, driving opening tracks “We Were Aborted” and “Cheat on Me”; later, “Ignore the Ignorant”‘s melancholy bounce bears more than a passing resemblance to the Smiths’ classic “Panic.” Even brash moments such as “Victims of Mass Production,” “Hari Kari,” and “Emasculate Me” have notably more sophisticated songwriting than any of the Cribs’ previous work, but the band spends most of Ignore the Ignorant testing its boundaries. The big, unabashed pop instincts that have lurked close to the surface since The Cribs are the focus of these songs, particularly on the swooning guitars and harmonies of “Save Your Secrets” and “Nothing”‘s smooth chug. Ignore the Ignorant is full of pretty moments that take a while to savor fully, especially compared to the fist-like immediacy of the Cribs’ earlier work. However, they also push their sound in more challenging directions, like the slow-motion finale “Stick to Yr Guns” and the epic “City of Bugs,” a rangy six-minute workout that uses the band’s dual-guitar lineup to its fullest and recalls “Be Safe,” Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’s standout collaboration with Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo. While Ignore the Ignorant isn’t perfect — Gary and Ryan Jarman’s guileless vocals don’t always jell with their slick surroundings — it is unquestionably some of the Cribs’ most accomplished and diverse music. Fortunately, the Jarmans didn’t have to sacrifice too much of their punky energy to gain the versatility and nuance they have here. – Heather Phares

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