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Gorilla Manor

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Gorilla Manor album cover
Wide Eyes
Sun Hands
World News
Shape Shifter
Camera Talk
Cards & Quarters
Warning Sign
Who Knows Who Cares
Cubism Dream
Stranger Things
Sticky Thread
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 52:46

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Wondering Sound

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Andrew Perry


Local Natives, Gorilla Manor
2009 | Label: Infectious / PIAS Digital

Hotter than Satan's own private furnace following their appearances at SXSW '09, Local Natives crash-land with a fully-formed debut, which draws on elements of Americana, '60s pop, '80s indie, even post-rock, and sounds both vitally current, and unlike anything else.

The quintet reside together, Monkees-like, in a shared house in hip Silverlake, East Los Angeles. There, they have spent the past couple of years piecing together these intricate tunes, a five-way collective of diverse tastes and… read more »

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6music do it again


I also heard these on 6music. Love this style of music that is emerging recently, with some slight influence from African music. They also remind me a bit of Bwani Junction and Reptar, so have a listen to them if you like this

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Thanks Auntie La La


Heard and listened to tracks thanks to recommendation from Lauren Laverne on 6 music and boy it's good. Thanks La La.

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Heard on Triple J


while on holiday in Australia I was listening to JJJ Radio and heard this album as the featured album of the week, so glad Australian radio is better than our UK conterparts, Love the rich vocal melodies and almost hypnotic drumbeats, struck me to sit in a similar vein of people such as Yeasayer but less electronic, reminds me of some of the psychadelic bands of the 60's and 70's but still very modern sounding. Check them out, was very glad I did Luke www.L-Mo.co.uk

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One of the best


Wonderful harmonies, rhythms, and emotion is what set this band apart from the rest. Local Natives are a refreshing sound in the often mediocre indie category these days. Along with being super talented musicians, these gents are also quite nice! I had the chance to chat with them after a very small, intimate show this past summer. My only complaint is that you kids in the UK get this album far before we in the US have the chance! Check this band out, you won't be sorry.

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Interview: Local Natives

By Douglas Wolk, Contributor

L.A.'s Local Natives have had a turbulent few years. After the 2009 release of their debut, Gorilla Manor, they went out on tour again and again — both as headliners and as the opening act for Arcade Fire and the National. Then they went through a rough patch: Singer Kelcey Ayer's mother died (the subject of their new song "Colombia"), several band members had health problems, and bassist Andy Hamm left the group. Now a quartet… more »


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File Under: Frenzied guitar riffs, looped vocals and floor-tom grooves Alex Schaaf started Yellow Ostrich as a dorm-room solo outing while in college in Wisconsin, where he cranked out a couple of whimsical electropop albums and EPs made mostly with just a drum machine and vocals. He doesn't like to spend much time on one project: Those first releases — among them an EP inspired by Morgan Freeman's Wikipedia page — were each made in just… more »

They Say All Music Guide

Although recorded in late 2008, Gorilla Manor wasn’t released until 14 months later, allowing Local Natives the chance to build a strong blog buzz before their debut hit American shores. The delay wasn’t entirely beneficial, however, as Gorilla Manor sounds quite similar to a number of albums that flourished in the interim. Local Natives’ sunny harmonies call to mind Fleet Foxes’ debut and Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest, while the band’s polyphonic hand percussion — which, at its most frenzied, is almost tribal sounding — evokes memories of Yeasayer’s All Hour Cymbals. For all its familiarity, though, Local Natives’ first album is still an enjoyable piece of work, filled with enough pop melodies and multi-cultural quirks to make the year-long holdup fairly worthwhile. The band pitches itself somewhere between the post-punk camp and Afro-beat village, with the musicians often yelping their verses in multi-part harmony before barreling into Technicolor choruses. Matt Frazier’s percussion is sharp, crisp, and always in the foreground, often assuming as much importance as the vocals themselves, while the album’s production — courtesy of the bandmates themselves, along with fellow Silver Lake resident Raymond Richards — stretches a layer of pan-ethnic atmosphere over all 12 tracks, a move that bridges any gaps in the young group’s songwriting. Local Natives may have arrived several months late for their own party, but Gorilla Manor is a refreshing example of good quality trumping bad timing. – Andrew Leahey

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