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Bang Goes The Knighthood

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Bang Goes The Knighthood album cover
Down In The Street Below
The Complete Banker
Neapolitan Girl
Bang Goes The Knighthood
At The Indie Disco
Have You Ever Been In Love
Assume The Perpendicular
The Lost Art Of Conversation
Island Life
When A Man Cries
Can You Stand Upon One Leg
I Like
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 44:55

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Craig McLean


The Divine Comedy, Bang Goes The Knighthood
2010 | Label: Divine Comedy Records / PIAS Digital

Neil Hannon, dandified son of a Bishop in Northern Ireland, was always a literate — and, occasionally, pretentious — chap. He named his band — essentially a one-man operation for most of its 20 years in existence — after Dante's 14th-century epic poem. Early songs were titled in honour of works by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Bernice Bobs Her Hair) and Anton Chekhov (Three Sisters). He's recently completed work on a musical adaptation of Arthur Ransome's… read more »

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Less Pretentous middle ages


Neil Hannon's one man cynical history of the England of his lifetime continues. As he settles down into his middle age he takes us with him with less (literary) pretentiousness and a more homely set of subjects. A consistent talent, keep at it Neil we need your lighthearted and awfully English view of the world.

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Another great record


Neil Hannon fans will lve this, of course. More fun than the last DC release. I wonder what influence the The Duckworth Lewis Method had on this recording.

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Funny. Urbane. Literate.


I love it, but it's probably not for everyone's taste. More of a Broadway or lounge album than a rock disc. Try "The Complete Banker" and "Indie Disco." If you like those, you'll like the rest. And if you like the rest, try the Duckworth Lewis Method (avail. on eMusic), Neil Hannon's recent side project. Very good too.

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Simply Divine


Exceptional song writing coupled with a wry humour. This is a wonderful observational album full of snapshots of modern life. A sort of upper class "Parklife" if you will. It is only right and proper that Neil Hannon should receive recognition as a national treasure if not a knighthood. He effortlessly pens 'ear worm' type tunes such as "Indie Disco" and then trains his razor sharp sights towards our dear friends in the city on "The Complete Banker". It seems Hannon has taken some of the best elements from The Duckworth Lewis method and crafted them into a very listenable pop album with more than the odd nod towards Scott Walker. A great deal of subjects come under his scrutiny such as errant politicians, flighty neopolitan girls and being deeply in love. A high point for my kids is "Can you stand upon one leg?" they hate it and love it in equal measure but end up humming along anyway. Superb!

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Good Stuff


Witty and classy - just what you'd expect!

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Can't Get Enough Of The Indie Disco...and the rest


Brilliant as should be expected from our divine artist...

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Good but not at as good as used to be


Promenade is the best comedy album - fun and literate with good arrangement. This is a good album but misses the edge of being really funny and misses the really good and esoteric arrangment. Is Neil maybe tired after his warm bath? The photograghs are actually fun than the songs.

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Back with a bang...


Mr Hannon returns from the cricket (The Duckworth Lewis Method) with another excellent collection of songs. Perhaps more reminiscent of some of The Divine Comedy's earlier work, there is still room for catchy songs such as the single, At The Indie Disco. An album that begs to be listened to, rather than wallpaper or background noise; if you like this, try some of the earlier work too!