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Scandalous album cover
Livin' In The Jungle
I'm Gonna Leave You
Booty City
Black Snake
She's So Scandalous
Mustang Ranch
You Been Lyin'
Ballad Of Jimmy Tanks
Since I Met You Baby
Jesus Took My Hand
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 38:46

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WOW! I heard "Sugarfoot" back in 2009 but didn't think the rest of their debut album lived up to that song. This whole album does! HOT NASTY FUNKY ROCK BLAST IT!

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Refreshing funky soul!


Finally pop music I can stomach that's not yet been barfed all over car commercials. Not only can I stomach it, I could take shots of it All. Night. Long. Classic, high energy, funky beats, polished blues and somebody who can belt it. I heard Boot City and had to have this album immediately. Another round please!

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Do you know JOE?


I didnt until I LISTENED closely. Sounds like J.J.Grey &Mofro 2 me.I would like to see E-Music get some of previous band and you can compare for youself.This was a plesant suprize.

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Shake Your Butt What What!


Just saw them live in PDX. At one point, he invited members of the Sinferno Revue Band, which was playing later, up to join them on horns and shit. The 3 piece horn section grew to like 8, including a guy on a snare, and a rather large gentleman(of course) playing a marching band bass drum; all crammed in the corner of a small stage. Sick sick sick! Siiick guitar solos! Sick everything! If BJL don't get your ass shaking, you have a tree up there.

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Piggy Back....


Absolutely! The whole album rides, and even though I graduated years ago, it has served as a spring break anthem! A fun album in the vein of the Dirtbombs and King Khan and the Shrines! The riff in "You Been Lyin" is no nonsense, it definitely is an album highlight and looks to be a cover! Great Stuff!

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Hot Fire


This music is a bit out of my wheelhouse so my opinion might not be qualified, but DAMN! Not a dull moment on this record. I love "You Been Lyin'" - it's like Lemmy meets James Brown in the best possible way. I absolutely love this.

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They Say All Music Guide

On their Lost Highway debut, Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is!, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears did everything right. A standard rock quartet with an eight-piece horn section, they offered a high-energy meld of retro-soul, funk, and R&B that recalled variously the early J. Geils Band, James Brown, Wilson Pickett, and Otis Redding with a Stax/Volt-influenced rhythm section. On Scandalous, Lewis and producer Jim Eno scraped the band’s sound even further; right into the grain of rhythm & blues-based music. There are only four horns this time, bringing the groove as close to live as you can get. There is also more focus on Lewis’ and Zach Ernest’s nasty, gritty guitars and the absolutely throbbing basslines of Bill Stevenson. Check their sweaty workout amid the horns and chants in “Booty City,” and the homage to real life Nevada brothel, “Mustang Ranch.” Both are dance tunes, and both rely on a double dirty-ass guitar attack to do battle with the horns for dominance. Matthew Strimska’s drums shuffle and shake, cracking with taut rimshot breaks to accent the rowdy, orgiastic grooves. “Living in the Jungle” is tough, naked, horn-blasting, primitive funk with great axe fills by Lewis, who is shouting his best James Brown tempered by the soulful eros of Joe Tex. Further, the band relies more on electric Delta blues this time out. The pedal-to-the-medal funk-blues of “You Been Lyin’ has Lewis and band backed by progressive gospel group the Relatives. It’s 12 bars, but the I-IV-V is stretched to the breaking point with tight arpeggio horn charts and multi-part vocal harmonies as the guitars rattle venomously. “Ballad of Jimmy Tanks” begins as a Stax-styled soul workout, then crashes directly into sweaty R.L. Burnside-esque grind-it-out blues. Ivory Joe Hunter’s “Since I Met You Baby” is utterly raw, its guitars knife-edge tinny, with bass and B-3 bleeding over them. But a quirky, mariachi-cum-soul horn arrangement sends it into the stratosphere. Lewis is pleading at the limit of his range; his voice cracking in all the right spots. It’s one of the band’s finest recorded moments. The closer pays tribute to Burnside’s lusty running mate, Junior Kimbrough, with its darkly sexual hypnotic groove. Its title? “Jesus Took My Hand.” In a word, Scandalous most certainly is; it’s a party record that bleeds Saturday night into Sunday morning and beyond. – Thom Jurek

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