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All Eyez On Me

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All Eyez On Me album cover
Disc 1 of 2
Ambitionz Az A Ridah
4:38   $0.99
All About U
4:37   $0.99
4:09   $0.99
Got My Mind Made Up
5:13   $0.99
How Do You Want It
2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
4:07   $0.99
No More Pain
6:15   $0.99
Heartz Of Men
4:43   $0.99
Life Goes On
5:02   $0.99
Only God Can Judge Me
4:57   $0.99
Tradin War Stories
5:30   $0.99
California Love (remix)
I Ain't Mad At Cha
4:54   $0.99
Whatz Ya Phone #
5:09   $0.99
Disc 2 of 2
Can't C Me
5:31   $0.99
Shorty Wanna Be A Thug
3:52   $0.99
Holla At Me
4:55   $0.99
Wonda Why They Call U B____
4:18   $0.99
When We Ride
5:10   $0.99
Thug Passion
5:08   $0.99
Picture Me Rollin'
5:15   $0.99
Check Out Time
4:39   $0.99
Ratha Be Ya N____
4:14   $0.99
All Eyez On Me
5:08   $0.99
Run Tha Streetz
5:16   $0.99
Ain't Hard 2 Find
4:29   $0.99
Heaven Ain't Hard 2 Find
3:59   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 27   Total Length: 132:22

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Hua Hsu


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2Pac, All Eyez On Me
2009 | Label: Death Row Records / Entertainment One Distribution

There were fewer eyes back then, in the mid 1990s, a blink or two before hip-hop blossomed into a stable, safe form of global pop. All Eyez on Me — a compelling, colossal double-album and an even more engrossing story — helped insure that victory.

Despite his surging representation as a rapper and actor, 2Pac spent the release of his chart-topping breakthrough Me Against the World locked up. He had to rely on the dark machinations… read more »

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All Eyez On Me


Classic shite. The times. Best rap album ever. R.I.P NGGGAAAAA!

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2pac 4 life!


One of my favorite rap artists--his lyrics are deep and live on!

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A must have!


This is 2pac's magnum opus & a legendary rap album at that. Get it, Enjoy it! RIP 2pac Im pourin some out for ya homie!!! MOB, THUG LIFE

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2bac alleyez لي sdrfgjj hdrexs bvcfdrkjhu mnjhu


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the best tupac album ever!


I would'nt pass up a great deal!or evan think about not downloading this album!its common sense to know that all his greatest hits in my own words are on this album! i love songs such as you cant c me,ambitionz az a ridah!if you want meaning to what your listening to,than download tupac/all eyez on me album!

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All Eyes On Me


undoubtably my favorite pac album of all, he was truly one of the best of all time.

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live and die in L.A.


was tupac shukars moto to live and die in L.A.to bad wrong moto to live bye,ihave a son who now is the age tupac would've gotten to if he had not died,however at 57 i still think he was and still is a great singer and i tho of a white skin i believe in my heart that it didn't make a bit of difference what color u were to 2pac he had love for all however he was a very very competive in music and in all he did it just to bad he never got to discover it all before his time.for the ones like me and his mother i say we still luv ya 2 and your music will live through us all, that still think u are great. oldie but dang im good. pat

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All Eyes on me


I like this because of the beat that were layed out. It made dance

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Brings back so many good memories!

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Down from Day One: Death Row Records

By Hua Hsu, Contributor

At first I couldn't tell what I was watching. It was late afternoon and I was lying on my parents 'bed, flipping channels and passively mapping out the night's homework. Every network seemed to be showing the same thing: a helicopter's-eye-view of people dashing down city blocks and lobbing projectiles; buildings on fire; smoke everywhere. It wasn't until they went to a reporter surveying the scene from a few miles away, blue-skied flatlands interrupted by… more »

They Say All Music Guide

Maybe it was his time in prison, or maybe it was simply his signing with Suge Knight’s Death Row label. Whatever the case, 2Pac re-emerged hardened and hungry with All Eyez on Me, the first double-disc album of original material in hip-hop history. With all the controversy surrounding him, 2Pac seemingly wanted to throw down a monumental epic whose sheer scope would make it an achievement of itself. But more than that, it’s also an unabashed embrace of the gangsta lifestyle, backing off the sober self-recognition of Me Against the World. Sure, there are a few reflective numbers and dead-homiez tributes, but they’re much more romanticized this time around. All Eyez on Me is 2Pac the thug icon in all his brazen excess, throwing off all self-control and letting it all hang out — even if some of it would have been better kept to himself. In that sense, it’s an accurate depiction of what made him such a volatile and compelling personality, despite some undeniable filler. On the plus side, this is easily the best production he’s ever had on record, handled mostly by Johnny J (notably on the smash “How Do U Want It”) and Dat Nigga Daz; Dr. Dre also contributes another surefire single in “California Love” (which, unfortunately, is present only as a remix, not the original hit version). Both hits are on the front-loaded first disc, which would be a gangsta classic in itself; other highlights include the anthemic Snoop Dogg duet “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted,” “All About U” (with the required Nate Dogg-sung hook), and “I Ain’t Mad at Cha,” a tribute to old friends who’ve gotten off the streets. Despite some good moments, the second disc is slowed by filler and countless guest appearances, plus a few too many thug-lovin’ divas crooning their loyalty. Erratic though it may be, All Eyez on Me is nonetheless carried off with the assurance of a legend in his own time, and it stands as 2Pac’s magnum opus. – Steve Huey

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