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Ant Farm

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Ant Farm album cover
Half Life
A Little Encouragement
Ant Farm
The Corner Of Walk And Don't Walk
Furthest From My Mind
The Big Dig
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Total Tracks: 6   Total Length: 62:37

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great stuff


I've owned all their albums since they came out. It's great to see them here. All three albums are glorious soulful music--Mingus meets Ornette. They get a bit free, but not so noisy that I wouldn't take my girlfriend's mom to see them play live in a heartbeat. My favorite on this album is The Big Dig. Check it out and then come back for more.

They Say All Music Guide

The follow-up to their highly successful (at least artistically) album Sideshow, Ant Farm treads a similar path, though perhaps in a slightly more straight-ahead vein, with more light-footed activity and less brooding contemplation. All the pieces are by leader Wilkerson, tending toward a jaunty swing spiced with a tinge of down-home rhythm and blues and a taste of gospel. Once again, his ensemble is made up of all fine instrumentalists, playing the written parts with verve and improvising imaginatively. Reedist Mwata Bowden and bassist Harrison Bankhead stand out in this regard. While very enjoyable, Ant Farm lacks the particular spark of its predecessor; their generally relaxed nature catches up to them a bit here causing a couple of numbers to lag and languish. The interested listener might be better off beginning with Sideshow to hear this wonderful band at the peak of its powers. – Brian Olewnick

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