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Boys & Girls

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Boys & Girls album cover
Hold on
3:46   $1.29
I Found You
3:00   $1.29
Hang Loose
2:24   $1.29
Rise to the Sun
3:09   $1.29
You Ain't Alone
4:45   $1.29
Goin' to the Party
1:46   $1.29
3:48   $1.29
Boys & Girls
3:26   $1.29
Be Mine
4:15   $1.29
I Ain't the Same
2:56   $1.29
On Your Way
3:05   $1.29
Heavy Chevy (Bonus Track)
2:26   $1.29
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 38:46

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Lindsay Zoladz


Lindsay Zoladz is a contributing writer at Pitchfork and the Washington City Paper, and her writing has also appeared in Salon, Jezebel, AARP.org, Cokemachinegl...more »

With all this talent and confidence already, imagine what they'll do next
2012 | Label: ATO Records

The chatter that southern blues-rockers Alabama Shakes have generated in the months leading up to their debut is usually reserved for legends twice their age, or at least groups with more than a couple of songs to their name. There have been Janis Joplin and Otis Redding comparisons, endorsements from the likes of Jack White and Adele, and fans talking about their raucous live shows like they’re enough to convert you… read more »

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Alabama Shakes


OMG, Brittany Howard has the most amazing voice and the band behind her is tight as can be!!! We saw them on Austin City Limits and then the same night on SNL. I have not enjoyed a young band so much is years! I've been watching for a chance to download and now I have them!!!! WOW!

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Alabama Shakes-boys and girls


heard them on SNL, got blown away, just gotta download them the first chance I got. Thankfully emusic has them. what a voice Brittany Howard has. Cant wait to get the whole album up and running on my ipad.

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Shake'n the walls : )!!


Play loud - headphones recommended - unless the neighbors need some! Thick sound, builds up, up, then swamps way only the blues can, oh so good - I sang along w/o knowing @ the market. The band has chops+roots in th'Blues - & then...a surprising gem - Harry Nilsson echo...

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alabama shakes


***utterly VILE garbage swetzel67*** You are a mindless. soulless douche bag!!! Get some real taste you Justin Beaver listen hack and then you could post an opinion about truly great music and truly great talent!! If you don't like this you should stick to listening to that bitch Ryan Seacrest's top 40.. I'm sure you will find something you like there....

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switched baited.


this is just a review of track one "hold on" the artists changed up the recording for the "official video" this album recording is not what i expected at all, from about the 2:40 mark to the end is rather harsh compared to the official video or even live performances. great song, great band but disappointed with the two sounds. if you herd the band live or watched the video a thousand times on youtube your gonna be disappointed with this harsher recording unless you like headache inducing feedback. I am fairly upset that i bought this after listening to a different version of the song. : (

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Saw their performance on the Americana Music Festival program shown recently in PBS. Their performance blew me away and I had to come here and download their CD.

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Boys & Girls


This is one of those rare gems where (nearly) every track makes you stop and take note. One track after another. Her voice is amazing and soulful and the band is just as solid. I haven't enjoyed an entire album this much since I downloaded Michael Kiwanuka's debut. If you're not sure, check out the free Alabama Shakes track on one of the ATO samplers.

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Boys & Girls


I can only say one thing about this album...it's like going to church. That amazing feeling you get when the spirit moves you...that's this album. I'm so happy it was made!

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I don't listen to rock


But this is some soulful music. For a debut album they do there thing.

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utterly VILE garbage


40 minutes of amateurish 12-bar blues songs sung by a Janis Joplin- wannabe. This is the first CD I ever bought that didn't live up to the critical acclaim everyone has dumped on it. I couldn't wait to sell it back so it didn't continue to stink up my music collection. I was going to title this review: "The Emperor's New Clothes" but that would be an insult to Hans Christian Andersen...

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