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Alchemy VII

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Alchemy VII album cover
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Need More
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Natural Order of Things
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Shape Shifter
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Follow the Eagle
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In Your Name
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Total Tracks: 7   Total Length: 30:15

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They Say All Music Guide

For a group that’s performed spiritual and pagan rock together for seven years, Alchemy VII certainly seems a fitting name. And it will hardly come as a surprise that they’ve released a seven-song, self-titled EP as well. “The Natural Order of Things” is a blues-style production from the standpoint of Mother Earth. Well, to start it is. It kinda spins off into honky tonk when the tempo picks up. And it is characteristic, with lead vocalist Gina Citoli going over the top, reaching for the big sound. She needs to learn when to moderate rather than shout. Credit where due, it turns into a lively romp on the chorus “you’re messin’ with your Momma,” and, overall, brings itself off as fun. Less successful is “Follow the Eagle,” a tribute to the symbol of liberty. It has some effective harmonies, but an excessive interlude of “la-la-la” (literally). Needs to cut to the chase. Also, a “word to the lyricist: scholars” does not rhyme with “sailors.” Get out the thesaurus and try again. “Shapeshifter” may indeed have the self-described killer vocals mentioned on MP3.com, yet, awkwardly, it’s lacking on the lyrics: “we’re running out of time/walking a fine line.” C’mon — they’ve done better than that on “Alchemist” from their other release, The Magick, Vol. 1. Please, work on those lyrics! So, once again, it’s a mixture, yet it does show promise. And since this EP contains additional releases, different from The Magick, Vol. 1, fans of the band will likely want it as well. – Murrday Fisher

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