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All Night Wrong

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All Night Wrong album cover
Lanyard Loop
The Things You See
Water on the Brain, Pt. II
Above & Below
Gas Lamp Blues
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 55:53

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Allan Holdsworth, All Night Wrong
Label: Favored Nations

The British virtuoso brings a wholly original approach to the instrument that sets him apart from all other guitarists. His debut for Favored Nations (and 17th solo release following years of sideman work with the likes of Soft Machine, U.K., Bruford and Tony Williams Lifetime) is his first officially sanctioned live recording. (There are several bootlegs.) Holdsworth unleashes in typically heroic fashion backed by his longtime rhythm tandem of bassist Jimmy Johnson and drummer… read more »

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An amazing recording.


Studio-quality live recording of an inspired performance! My respect for these three amazing musicians is greater than it already was. And hats off to the recording engineer!

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Great technique and compositions but....


What music speaks to a person is a very individual thing. While I appreciate Holdworth's technical prowess, to me most of the time he just sounds like he's running through scales. I get very little emotional content, and for me that's the most important part. I do like the compositions presented here just not so much Holdsworth's playing of those compositions.

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The Great One!!


Still the best on the planet, folks. This absolute gem of a show is more than worth your credits. Spit out that gum because school is in session.

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Nice, very nice


I hadn't listened to Holdworth in many years so I thought I'd check out this relatively recent live date. On a technical level, his playing is still as stunning as it's ever been but there is a new level of emotion that's come with age. In many ways, this is just as sastifying as the legendary early solo bits (IOU and Metal Fatigue) and it often has a richer depth of feeling. Holdsworth is truly a fusion master!

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Great sound, great performances


This IS one of Holdsworth's best. Wonderful to hear him in a trio setting without and bells or whistles. Wackerman and Johnson have been his killer rhythm section for almost 20+ years and they don't disappoint. The recording is great and the drums are present (a welcome change from previous studio efforts).

They Say All Music Guide

Guitar hero Allan Holdsworth often performs with his peers. Such is the case with this live setting recorded at a venue in Japan during a 2002 tour. On this release, the guitarist leads a trio featuring longtime musical associates, drummer Chad Wackerman, and bassist Jimmy Johnson. To that end, the respective musicians’ talents are well-known entities. Wackerman and Johnson can handle the trickiest time signatures imaginable. Along with the nimble flexibilities and odd-metered excursions witnessed here, they exude a force of power that serves as a meaty foundation for Holdsworth’s mighty licks.
A wonderfully recorded album, Holdsworth’s climactically driven legato-based riffs are intact, as he also implements jazzy chord voicings and delicately stated fabrics of sound. But the trio raises the ante throughout many of these pieces, awash with moments of nuance and controlled firepower. In sum, Holdsworth’s legion of followers should be pleased with a recording that should rank among his finest efforts to date. – Glenn Astarita

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