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Cut The World

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Cut The World album cover
Cut The World
4:20   $1.13
Future Feminism
7:36   $1.13
Cripple And The Starfish
5:33   $1.13
You Are My Sister
4:21   $1.13
7:18   $1.13
Epilepsy Is Dancing
2:58   $1.13
Another World
5:26   $1.13
Kiss My Name
4:08   $1.13
I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy
4:52   $1.13
4:47   $1.13
The Crying Light
3:21   $1.13
6:09   $1.13
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 60:49

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Worthy purchase for fans and newbies


Some tunes I hardly cared for on the studio albums come through here. If there is only one album you get by Antony and the Johnsons it should be this one and "I Am a Bird Now." Don't overlook "The Lake" either.

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Well titled review


i could not describe this release any better than barry walters' "An exquisitely powerful live album". i was not familiar with the artist when i downloaded a couple sample tracks, but i have returned for more and investigated other releases as well after listening to them several times. this isn't just music, it is art.

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Immediate and Extraordinary


Nothing new conceptually here, but that's not the point. Apparently there were some great songs buried in those last couple confounding releases. Songs like "Cripple And The Starfish" are sudden standouts. The orchestration is beautiful, unobtrusive, and apt - the songs breathe and soar. Track 1 is the only new song and a great first download if you want to try just a single track. "Future Feminism" is spoken word and, if not a must own track, a must hear track. NPR just did a feature on the track - a remarkable manifesto that adds to the listener's understanding of the rest of the album. Easily a top 5 album for the year.

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New This Week: Eraserhead Soundtrack, Antony & the Johnsons and More

By J. Edward Keyes, Editor-in-Chief

Antony & the Johnsons, Cut the World: Live album from Antony featuring symphonic takes on his best-loved songs. Barry Walters says: Unlike most musicians making strikingly contemporary art, Hegarty isn't beholden to technology; his voice-and-piano-based, largely acoustic studio arrangements only occasionally draw on electronic effects. The orchestral renditions heard here open the music up with heightened dynamics that compliment the fragile nuances of his expression. “Cripple and the Starfish,” for example, is far more romantic than… more »