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Can't Computerize It

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Can't Computerize It album cover
Can't Computerize It
Cheap Thrills
Funk Is Something Else
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 19:17

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Wondering Sound

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Philip Sherburne


Philip Sherburne writes about music for SPIN, Wondering Sound, The Wire, Resident Advisor and elsewhere, with a particular focus on electronic music (for dancin...more »

Head-banging techno from Berlin’s hottest label.
2004 | Label: BPitch Control / Finetunes

He may be the co-founder of the Shitkatapult label, but that hasn't kept Apparat off the Bpitch roster. The four songs on the Can't Computerize It EP are Apparat at his most head-banging, even when he's cushioning those somersaulting beats and pole-vaulting arpeggios with a bed of cellos. A master of digital effects, he delights in submitting his sounds to the kind of head-on impacts usually reserved for crash-test dummies, stopping sounds in their… read more »

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