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In Case We Die

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In Case We Die album cover
It's 5!
Tiny Paintings
Maybe You Can Owe Me
Do The Whirlwind
In Case We Die (Parts 1-4)
The Cemetery
Frenchy, I'm Faking
Need To Shout
Rendezvous : Potrero Hill
What's In Store?
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 40:05

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had heard of this band, but 'discovered' it here


one of my favorite bands, fun to listen to. i downloaded the first 6 tracks years ago and they are still exciting to listen to

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I love everything this album is. It's fun, it's quirky, it's complex, and its affecting. The songs showcase a wide variety of styles, rhythms, and instrumentation. Best of all, it's done with complete sincerity and earnestness.

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Oh, just take it.


It's too damn much fun not too.

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good fun.


good fun album. little bit shallow on depth, definitely a good summer choice.

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I like how this album sounds like it was a lot of fun to record--it seems to not care what anyone else thinks, even when it crosses the line to silly/"out there." In a sea of bands that seem preoccupied with appearing cool, to me, that's refreshing.

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Always puts a smile on my face


It took me a few listens to get into this album, but it hasn't stopped growing on me no matter how often I play it.

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Never in a Million Pesos


Never in a million pesos would I think that this album was as good as it was from the sample tracks that are on eMusic. Once it's downloaded, the music is a lot better.

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When I listen to AiH, I can't help but hear a little bit of Los Campesinos! with the rapid tempo changes and not-quite singing but instead yelling-at-the-top-of-their-lungs vocal quality. This comparison is most apparent in the bouncy "Its 5!" and the playfully pretentious "Wishbone". The tone of the album is quite varied at times, owing in part to the size of AiH; it seems each member chips in on vocals at some point or another, and even the sound of the album changes greatly over the course of the album. Around track 6 (Do the Whirlwind), AiH begins to incorporate simple electronic beats, hand-clap happiness, and a more concentrated vocal effort. By the end of the album the sound becomes quite different, however the departure does not affect the quality of music, which remains first-rate throughout. I highly recommend this album for someone looking for fresh music "off the beaten path"!

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perfect album


It is very hard to make an album like this. Gorgeous.

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To paraphrase the Supreme Court, some of the times it's hard to define genius, but you'll know it when you hear it. I respect the fact that an artist doesn't want to duplicate themselves twice, but this group has made one genius album. Neverevereverdid is one of the best singles I've heard in a long time. Whereas that song places a prominence on music, It's 5! places greater importance on vocal harmonies and hand claps. In my many years of listening to music, I've begun to place prominence on complicated music that surrounds well placed vocals. I love the groups that incorporate a myriad of instruments into a song that seems simple. AiH does this perfectly for one album. They make it seem easy.

They Say All Music Guide

On their debut album, Fingers Crossed, Architecture in Helsinki felt like they were just getting their bearings. This gave the album, and the Australian indie pop collective’s mix of symphonic and electronic pop, a tentative, first-steps kind of charm. However, after a spending a year on the road tightening up their live act, and a little while longer in their wonderfully named Super Melody World studio recording their second album, In Case We Die, the group sounds much more assured. Everything on In Case We Die, from the intensely sweet melodies and vocals to the widescreen production, delivers the kind of playful pop majesty that Fingers Crossed’s best moments hinted were within Architecture in Helsinki’s grasp. “More assured” doesn’t mean “less creative” though; this is a second album that really does expand on the sounds and ideas of the debut instead of just rehashing them. Indeed, Fingers Crossed’s standout pocket symphony, “The Owls Go,” feels like a template for In Case We Die’s lush, playful, multifaceted sound. Most of the songs have lots of parts and changes to them, such as the opener, “Neverevereverdid,” which begins with a spooky, operatic fanfare, then becomes delicately rambling folk-pop, and finally morphs into speedy, shouty Krautrock. Despite the ambition of songs like this and the suite-like “In Case We Die, Pts. 1-4,” the album never feels ponderous; in fact, it’s often even cuter than Fingers Crossed was. “It’5!” and “Cemetery” are adorable without being saccharine, and touches like the power-drill solo on “Frenchy, I’m Faking” and jungle sound effects on “Need to Shout” ensure that the album’s more polished sound never feels slick or stuffy. Even In Case We Die’s most straightforward moment, the single “Do the Whirlwind” — which is so sleekly synthy that it could almost pass for straight-up dance-pop — shares at least some of the quirky warmth of more homespun-sounding songs like “Tiny Paintings.” An album with this much vibrant, irresistible, Technicolor music to its name could have only come from a place called Super Melody World. Not only is it a delight to hear Architecture in Helsinki come into their own on In Case We Die, but the fact that it comes so soon after their debut makes it all the sweeter. – Heather Phares

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