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Asobi Seksu

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Asobi Seksu album cover
I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me
Umi De No Jisatsu
Walk On the Moon
Let Them Wait
It's Too Late
End At the Beginning
Asobi Masho
Before We Fall
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 39:21

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Peter Parrish


Asobi Seksu, Asobi Seksu
2002 | Label: Friendly Fire Recordings / The Orchard

Fruit cannot thrive without the strength of the tree beneath — a relationship deftly illustrated by Asobi Seksu's precursor to their breakthrough 2006 album Citrus.

Here, the group embraces the influence of Swervedriver, Ride and their swirly compatriots. Yet rather than swamping a track like “Sooner” with sounds that merely ape shoegazers past, the group instead unleash their effects sparingly, in pocket bursts, resulting in a sporadic surge of fireworks which punctuate the sweetness of… read more »

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Holy Crap!


I bought Citrus, loved it, but wasn't prepared for the dramatic flourish of It's Too Late. It's so powerful, and such an incredible rush. The others songs, they're good too.

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I can finally breath!!


I agree with so many comments on this band - absolutely unique, no cookie cutter sound here. I bet they sound the same in the club as they do on this album! I just hope they post more lyrics on the web somewhere (anybody??), cause I'd like to get into the heads of these artists. It's one of those bands you just want to learn more of as you listen - multifaceted A+++

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"Playful Sex" Never Sounded This Good


Asobi Seksu is like a dream come true for fans of Japanese music. They are quarky, the album is beautiful, and it is a must have. As for top songs... "I'm Happy but You Don't Like Me," "Sooner," "It's too Late," and "Walk on the Moon" are all amazing tracks. The full album, however, is a masterpiece. It's not too late... get this album.

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I am always on the look out for music from female fronted bands. Whenever I think I have found everything of interest, another band comes along that makes me say Wow! Asobi Seksu is one of those bands. I have downloaded both this album and Citrus by the band and am listening. New Years off of Citrus is amazing. Very interesting mix of English and Japanese in the singing. If you are a fan of a) female fronted bands b) trip hop, ethereal vocals, shoegaze style you should be listening to this album.

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Check Your Shoes


Asobi Seksu serves up some excellent shoegaze on this fine album. I bought their latest disc, "Citrus," first, and it's easy to see how the seeds of that musical masterwork were sown here. And while it never quite reaches the sonic heights of the band's sophmore release, it still towers above the vast majority of the musical landscape.

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Absolutely sublime!


I first saw a mention of them in the NY Times a few years ago when this was first released. I caught their live show downtown, and it took me all of 30 seconds to become a fan. Powerful, hard-rocking, majestic, achingly melodic. And Yuki's voice...words fail me. If your knees don't turn to Jello when she sings "There's been a few times/ I almost woke up in your arms," you are made of wood. One of the strongest rock debuts you will ever hear. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go and download the new one!!!

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This is another band that does what they set out to just perfectly. One of those bands you've been waiting for without realizing it. This is amoung the handful of albums that tend to show up on emusic that make it so worth while.

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