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Relationship Of Command

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Relationship Of Command album cover
Pattern Against User
One Armed Scissor
Sleepwalk Capsules
Invalid Jitter Dept.
Mannequin Republic
Rolodex Propaganda
Non - Zero Possibility
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Total Tracks: 13   Total Length: 53:37

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Wondering Sound

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At The Drive-In, Relationship Of Command
Label: Fearless Records

Before splintering into the Mars Volta and Sparta, At the Drive-In recorded their final album, The Relationship of Command, a fiery finish to an eight-year career that elevated frontmen Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López to near demigod status in the post-hardcore world, their big hair and lanky bodies the flailing mascots of the band's deservedly heralded live shows. "One Armed Scissor" paced Command, earning modern-rock radio airplay with its shouts of, "Get away! Get away!,"… read more »

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Better than I remembered...


and I remember it being pretty good. Unlike many of the albums released around the same time, Relationship of Command manages to sound as good today as it did when it was released.

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A few catchy tunes


I really like track 7 and 9. The other tracks were okay.

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Amazing Awesome Album


This is probably the best hardcore album on Emusic if not the greatest punk cd. Definitely download it. You'll be glad you did. I would pretty much recomend it to anyone that slightly likes punk. Even in you don't like hardcore that much you'll still enjoy it. Songs like Archarsenal, One Arm Scissor, Invalid Litter Dept., and Enfilade are some of the best ever. ATDI at their best. Punk at its best.

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Absolutely Essential


That is all.

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1 armed scissor got some playing time back in 02' , kickass song to keep and put on when you feel like rockin out!!!!

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great album


the sweet thing about all of At-The-Drive-In's albums is they all have a slightly different style and feel.. this album has a bit of a darker feel to it than the others, but it is still pretty awesome i would say the last song in this album is the best one

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Rocks Off


Download this album now. If Rage Against the Machine was a punk rock band, this wouldn't be them. But I'm sure they would tour with them. One of the best vocalists and guitarists out there. Listen to this album to get the adrenaline pumping, then get the Mars Volta and lie on your bathroom floor counting q-tips.

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Very good...


I haven't been able to get into the other ATDI albums on eMusic, but I love Relationship of Command. Depending on what you're used to, the singing style make take some getting used to. If your first instinct is to the run the other way, you may want to give it a longer shot. This particular combination transforms what could potentially be really annoying into something epic.

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Sweet mother of Oprah...


This. Is a PERFECT album. You won't hear that from me again for a looooong time...

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Accidentally came in contact with ATDI


And I am glad that I did. The best track on this CD IMHO is Invalid Jitter Departmet. The energy of the entire CD is great, but this one song was reason enough to DL the entire CD for further perusal.

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They Say All Music Guide

Welcome to the breath-robbing, heart-pounding Relationship of Command, an album many have been waiting for with red-faced anticipation since their last EP, the brilliant Vaya. On this 11-track masterpiece, so full of adrenaline and swarming moods, ATDI has created one of the most infecting and mind-blowing rock albums in a long time. While most of the tracks are of the more aggressive edge, this is undeniably the band’s most focused and well put together and, therefore, best all-around album yet. “Quarantined” and “Sleepwalk Capsules” alone make this album worth purchasing: This music is seamless and inspiring. Electronic movements meshed into “Enfilade” stretch the texture of the album further, into the unique backup vocals of Iggy Pop on “Rolodex Propaganda.” Amidst all the rock, there is the undeniably unique edge about ATDI’s sound, something that has permeated through their music from the Hell Paso 7″. Beautiful vocals bursting passion in quirky, abstract, and often thrilling lyrics, youthful energy, driving melodies, and a sense of beyond-the-moment urgency. Moving from Relentless to Grand Royal, as well as to the notorious and mostly infamous producer Ross Robinson, has not killed the band’s spirit or sound, as many loyal fans feared it would in the pattern of Jawbreaker, Jawbox, among others. If anything, it has allowed the band to push themselves to new limits, to fulfill what they have been working for relentlessly for so long. This is not a band that could ever be insincere. You can see it in their eyes and feel it in their music and work ethic. ATDI is one of the saviors of true emotional straight-up rock! – Blake Butler

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