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Transit Transit

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Transit Transit album cover
Transit Transit
The Bouncing Wall
Audience No. 2
Headless Sky
The Science of Imaginary Solutions
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 42:09

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Autolux, Transit Transit
Label: TBD Records / ATO

Transit Transit is the first dispatch from San Francisco dream-pop outfit Autolux since 2004's landmark Future Perfect. Six years between records is a long time, but Future Perfect's glassy, pulsing Krautrock drone still stands as one of the strongest shoegaze records of the '00s and, in part due to revivalists like Deerhunter, arguably sounds better today. Which means that Autolux's return could not be more immediate or welcome.

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Good stuff


I was a big fan of the first album when it came out, and I checked often on the progress of a second album. I waited a long time. Sad face. Down 1,3,7, and 8, and revisit if you need more.

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Why did it take so long?


Dreamy, shoegaze music that seems to take you in. I was a bit surprised that Autolux didn't change their sound much for this record considering it took so long to release. But also surprising is that 5 years after Future Perfect it still sounds refreshing compared to the alternative music today. Census is my favorite track so far.

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Not as good as Future Perfect and it took so long to produce.

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Unparalled follow-up


I was afraid that Autolux would just do more of the same--which wouldn't be bad since their first album was one of the few that got repeated play when it came out. Yet, I was hoping for more and am quite relieved that Transit Transit is even better and more brilliant. This album is more dynamic and diverse, ranging in styles and melodies, even pulling off a piano ballad. Like Future Perfect, I get the pleasure of deep listening and repeated play. A real treat!

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hidden deep in a swanky forest of chic


this album is melodic and noisy at the same time. captivating listen, just as good as future perfect i believe. if ultramodern had a band this would be it.

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Feels like the proportions are off on this one. Future Perfect was great because it knew when to pull grimy, shrieking rawk out of dazed mellow soundscapes. Only Audience #2 (which I've had as a single for two plus years) has that vibe here. Too snoozy for me overall.

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love this!!!


this is fantastic. dark, melodic, strange, and catchy as hell. i really like the drumming, check it out on "audience no. 2"

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Los Angeles


This album is quite a departure from Future Perfect, as Jayson notes above. It doesn't matter, though. It's still really, really nice. One small thing: I think they are from Los Angeles, not San Fran.

They Say All Music Guide

The Los Angeles trio Autolux sound like a band out of time. Their first album from 2004, Future Perfect, should have been called “Past Perfect” for the nifty way it channeled the good parts of the ’80s/’90s indie rock scene like loud/soft dynamic shifts, murkily distorted guitars, and lazed-out vocals. Six years later, the band is still looking backward on the follow-up Transit Transit. This time out, the mood is decidedly more downbeat and the focus is more on creating an overall feeling where the songs blend together in a haze of somber vocals, layered guitars, and rolling drums. The group has pretty much tuned out all their influences except for shoegazers like My Bloody Valentine, the Pale Saints, and the Swirlies. What makes the album more than just some pointless exercise in revivalism are the elements the trio add to the shoegaze sound (subtle electronics, restraint), the care they take with arrangements, and the overall strength of the songs and performances. Drummer Carla Azar, in particular, shows off some impressive skills, whether pounding her way through the uptempo tracks or adding atmosphere on the more restrained songs. The way her sweetly sung vocals combine and contrast with the gruffer vocals of her bandmates is nice, too, it’s another trademark shoegaze element that the band does extremely well. As for the songs, there isn’t a standout or a potential single. Instead, there is a string of songs fit together like puzzle pieces that casts a spell of moody overcast. Quiet ballads like the piano-led “Spots” or woozy “The Bouncing Wall” offset the noisier, more distorted tracks like “Kiss Proof” and “Census” perfectly. If anything, the album could have used another couple of loud, lunging rockers, but that might have sacrificed the overall mood for a few moments of transient sonic pleasure. As it stands, Transit Transit is a beautifully executed work that would have made the band solid contenders if it had been released back in 1992. It’s just as impressive in 2010, though it may struggle to find an appreciative audience. – Tim Sendra

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