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Who Let The Dog's Out?

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Who Let The Dog's Out? album cover
Who Let The Dog's Out?
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Total Tracks: 1   Total Length: 3:19

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I pay *how* much more for *what*?

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eMusic Suck's


eMusic suck's really bad now that there selection is to dumb to downloads.

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Muse8- right on!


You are so right, this is what always happens in our ratings-oriented society. Prices go up in direct proportion to quality going down. Used to be eMusic was a place I could discover great music by artists I may not have been exposed to otherwise. Now it's turned into Walmart, trying to find a needle in a haystack. Maybe should divide into two stores for two different types of customers- the "Pop Poop" store & the "Adults Only" store.

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is this song always at the top of 'most downloaded'?! its painful

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Never in the history of pop has a song so succinctly essayed the careening release of a pack of dogs, or as this would have it, "dog's". If I may be so bold as to make a guess, the "who" in question were the Baha Men themselves.

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Why is this titled "Who Let the Dog Is Out?" Just wondering. Oh, for the sake of review, is "pooptastic" a word?

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Worst. Song. Ever.


Complete and utter garbage.

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They played this at my high school dance and I hated it then. Someone got the category right though: "Children's Dance"

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It is so frustrating to download. The process begins and then stops. It is NOT my computer...it is the site! I will only have this for 1 month, my subscription time. It is, for the most part, a very disappointing site!

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Really Bad


REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD! If you download this song you should call my great grandmother to plan a listening party.

They Say All Music Guide

The Caribbean trio the Baha Men get into the mainstream on their fifth release Who Let the Dogs Out, a brash and funky twist of east coast hip-hop and traditional reggae loops. The initial impression of the album thrives on the success of the album’s self-titled single. It’s amusing with it’s abrasive whoomping throughout the song’s chorus, and the Baha Men’s quirky beatboxing is head-bopping and energetic. However, throughout the rest of the album, the overall party/celebratory tone takes a toll. It’s fun and freewheeling, but it needs variety. The spunk exuded in the title track only delivers so much, so the album falls short just a bit. But for a decent hip-hop album, it’s keeping up with current styles and norms. – MacKenzie Wilson

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