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Philip Glass: Music in Fifths

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Philip Glass: Music in Fifths album cover
Music in Fifths
Two Pages
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 52:02

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Wondering Sound

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Gavin Borchert


Gavin Borchert is a composer and music critic living in Seattle.

Bang On A Can All-Stars, Philip Glass: Music in Fifths
Label: Cantaloupe Music

In the 20th century, music entered a Mannerist period, a peak of sonic complexity and constructivist intricacy. Dissatisfied by this "crazy creepy music," as he described it, Philip Glass pared down to basic elements: single-line melodies or simple triads spun out to majestic length through slow shifts in the micro-level rhythmic patterns over a steady (or relentless, if you prefer) underlying pulse. In so doing he — and other composers drawn to radical simplicity, like… read more »

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