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Codename: Dustsucker

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Codename: Dustsucker album cover
From What Is Said To When It's Read
The Black Meat
Miss Abuse
400 Winters
Dr. Innocuous-Ketamoid
Burning The City
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 49:58

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Nitsuh Abebe


Bark Psychosis, Codename: Dustsucker
2005 | Label: Fire Records / The Orchard

Besides Disco Inferno, the other prime band of first-wave post-rock was Bark Psychosis — a crew of teenaged metalheads who matured into a much more elegant experimentalism. By the time they released their landmark 1993 album, Hex, they were making the kind of avant-garde your grandparents could love: the dubbed-out bass may have had a certain stoned torpor, and the slow-motion drifts of guitar chime, piano reverberation and string hum came together with the loose,… read more »

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Word to the wise here...


This is a great album; the praise given to it by others here is well earned. That said, just be aware that the eMusic version here isn't so great on the bitrates, which range from 156 kbs ("Miss Abuse") to 214 kbs ("From What Is Said To When It's Read") at the high end. I suppose that's common enough for a lot of stuff older than 2011 or so here. But another oddity: no cover artwork downloaded with my files. The artwork appears in the eMusic downloader, but when you look at the actual files as downloaded, it's not there.

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After Hex, these guys never rose to their grandeur again. Get Hex, one of my all-time favorites!

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Wonderful haunting dreamscapes


Listening to this album I'm reminded of strange, impressionable dreams I had as a child. At the same time one song brings to mind Al Stewarts song "Year of the cat"! However, it's because of these contrasts that this is a fascinating album that you will not get tired of hearing for a long,long time.

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Hits the spot and resonates...


Quality music has certain defining characteristics: solid talent, expertise, well-directed creativity, staying power. Bark Psychosis has the right qualities. I can't seem to stop listening to this album. The band's sound falls somewhere between Porcupine Tree and mid to late period Talk Talk, but rest assured--Codename: Dustsucker is its own beast. The tracks are varied but the sound is consistent throughout. The lyrics drift through the melodies and rhythms on clear, strong wings; never overwhelmed or overwhelming. The tracks could stand alone (there's a lot of wonderful instrumentation here), but the singers perfectly round out the tunes in a complementary way that speaks volumes to the band's compositional skills. Highly recommended.

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This sure ain't Napalm Death


Talk about range. This is a shimmering and tuneful album from a band that started out life as a speed metal cover band. But I guess time does strange things to everyone. I don't know who to compare this sound to since I really haven't heard much that is comparable. At times I'm reminded of Brian Eno, at times The Church, and at other times a jazzy version of Psychic TV. But it isn't any of those really. Every track has superb arrangements and contains a surprising assortment of instruments and sounds. Incredible album.

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best kept secret


Age and experience seems to fade many an exciting band's star. Not these guys; the how-ever-many-years gap has only improved them. After "Hex" Sutton vanished only to surface again on the drum and bass scene, a move which was as bizarre as it was telling of the secret at the heart of this band: they never stood still musically, not in the david bowie "I heard this new band now I'm gonna ape them" style nor are they a bunch of crazy improvs - they're plugged into some deeper thing that takes jazz, pop, indie, electronics and carves something seemlessly beautiful. If anything the inclusion of a sometime female vocalist this time is the cherry on the cake, where Sutton can get a little too mopey for his own good, her whimsical pop vocal clashes with the darker undercurrents perfectly.