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Ben Kweller

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Ben Kweller album cover
Nothing Happening
I Gotta Move
Penny on the Train Track
I Don't Know Why
Red Eye
Until I Die
This Is War
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 40:06

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Ben Kweller, Ben Kweller
Label: ATO Records

Though he ascended to relative stardom early in his life, helming the band Radish at age twelve, Ben Kweller has never fallen prey to the full-on flameout that often follows child stars. After a number of false starts he returns with this self-titled record, his first for the ATO label and the first on which he played every instrument. What's surprising is that the record isn't suffocating or indulgent; instead, Kweller concentrates on songcraft, writing… read more »

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Not as good as live


I have to say, I downloaded a bunch of Ben's songs after seeing him live, and was disappointed. I just don't get the enthusiasm and thrill that I got seeing him live from his albums.

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Worth the credits.


This album gets repeated over and over at my house. The songs are heartfelt, the melodies are catchy and I don't think there is a bad song on the album. I didn't think that any BK album would be as catchy as Sha Sha, but the s/t is right up there. Penny on the Train Track is phenomenal!

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Good, but not great


It's still worth getting though. The good songs are VERY good, but the rest are just mediocre. The must listens (for me) are Run, I Don't Know Why, I Gotta Move, and This is War. At least give those songs a try. They're very catchy.

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Stunning pop songs


Now and again you stumble upon a band or artist that shines. You might just hear a snippet of a tune that wets your appetite, then you go and check out an album, before you know it, BANG! You've got yourself a new admission to your top five. This happened to me with Ben Kweller and I bet it's happened to a lot of other people and will ccontinue to for a long time to come. This album is packed with perfect pop songs. There's touches of early Weezer, Ben Folds, Big Star and Gram Parsons. But Ben Kweller's songs are of his own style and I'm a fan for life.

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How can people NOT like this??


Definitely BK's best album (imo). I absolutely adore just about every song. So catchy and original. Some songs that I thought were cheesy completely captured me the more I listened to the album as a whole. 5 stars!

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Good - Not Great


I love Ben Kweller. I tried to love this album, but ended up liking it, sort of. Just too mellow and poppy. I like Ben when he has a harder edge. Back to basics, Ben!

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Fun catchy rock


riff-driven rock but with a apathetic cool kid feel.

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What more could you want?


It remains a treat 2 1/2 years after its release, I still listen to this record regularly. His best record to date. I can't wait for his next release in Feb.

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A few of the more cheesy moments on this album aren't quite as cute as they used to be, but overall, this is one solid pop rock album. Kweller has a good formula, and there's really no reason to ruin that. A fine addition to any BK collection.

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My favourite album of 2006.


Ben Kweller's third solo album is a solo album in the true sense of the phrase; he played everything you hear himself. It's full of fun, summery songs, but also contains some beautifully personal lyrics. Whenever I hear anything from this record I will always think of walking down my street in the sun, feeling like the world isn't so bad.

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They Say All Music Guide

On his third, self-titled effort, Ben Kweller takes the notion of “solo album” to the extreme, playing all of the instruments himself. For many artists, this would result in an album that’s quiet and insular. However, Ben Kweller is nearly as immediate and direct as Sha Sha and On My Way were, but with a little more focus. Kweller’s eternally boyish voice is perfectly suited to his tales of young love, hanging out, and heartache, whether he frames them in giddy, impatient pop like “Run,” earnest tone-poems like “Thirteen,” or a sound somewhere between the two, as on the single “Sundress.” To his credit, though, Kweller sounds a little more mature on several songs, particularly “Penny on the Train Track” and “Red Eye,” which asks the surprisingly direct question, “How long will it take before I have your heart to break?” Equally divided between thoughtful ballads such as “Until I Die” and good-natured, chugging power pop like “Gotta Move” and “Magic” — with the occasional feisty rocker like “This Is War” thrown in for good measure — Ben Kweller treads the same path as Kweller’s other work, but fortunately, it still sounds genuine, not formulaic. – Heather Phares

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